Church of St John Baptist
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Knaresborough, UK4.629 kontribusi
Apr 2017 • Sendiri
First of all - apologies for listing this under Ripon - TA simply refused to recognise Bishop Monkton as a place when I typed it in!

But of course Bishop Monkton is a lovely place and I often drive through the village centre, following the delightful stream, on my way home to Knaresborough from Ripon. The Church of St John is at the end of the road, near the junction, and entry to the church is via an attractive Lych Gate that also serves as a bridge over the stream.

Although there has been a chapel on or near this site since 1354, the present church only dates from 1879, so is relatively modern. As such, it isn't the sort of church to seek out ancient relics, but it is a pleasant church nevertheless. The most interesting things to look out for are perhaps the carving of the royal coat of arms of King George IV, which is the only item remaining from the previous building on this site (the 1822 chapel); the keyboard near the church door that enables a range of peals to be played on the bells; and two rather elegant carved Glastonbury chairs.

The building is attractive and consists of a chancel, knave, organ chamber and tower. An interesting feature of the nave is that it is not symmetrical as it has three windows on the left and four on the right.

I enjoyed my visit here and the peace and quiet reflects those qualities of the village itself.
Ditulis pada 10 Mei 2017
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Church of St John Baptist (Ripon, Inggris) - Review - Tripadvisor

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