CE.TU.S. Cetacean Research Centre

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CE.TU.S. Cetacean Research Centre

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I mailed them two weeks ago for a reservation and it was the worst service I ever had to deal with!
They don't reply your message in time, it took them 3 days for an answer! We finally agreed on a date for me to go whale watching, I made the reservation (it wasn't easy as I had to send a lot of mails to have a clear answer) and went there. So the meeting was at the harbour but nothing was indicated, no flag, no informations, no one seemed to have heard of a cetecean research center... When I finally find the boat (that was NOT a catamaran, but a very small boat) (and I found the boat by randomly asking the skipper) they told me I couldn't board because I haven't made the reservation... I showed them the mails they sent me, they recognised them.. But still no...)

Are they using the name of the research center and their own boat to make profit ?! I don't know but they asked for CASH ONLY (weird enough)
Also, on the so called "official" website, it says between 8 and 28 persons can be on board.. Clearly 8 persons were the maximum for the boat I saw.

Don't waste your time with them.

(And I have been waiting to go whale-watching since the age of 6, how big of a disappointment..)
Ditulis pada 1 Agustus 2014
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