Statua di Benito Jacovitti
Statua di Benito Jacovitti

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Mei 2019 • Pasangan
I've been feeling a bit put-off about the thousands of older Western Hemisphere males, usually political or miiitary, postured triumphantly in massive blocks of metal or concrete. As time passes, we most often stop asking who most of them were, or caring about why they're still in place.

Termoli took another more refreshing approach, relaxedly posing two of its acclaimed, as having retained the common touch. Of course, we should do the same for notable women as well, and why stop there? How about children who win national spelling bees? Sales clerks of the year? Custodians of a nation's treasures?

The possibilities are endless. They can be poised jumping rope, twirling pizza dough, fixing a flat tire, yawning, sneezing, All kinds of stuff with which we can all identify. Make them even a bit more personable.

Good show!
Ditulis pada 16 Mei 2019
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Statua di Benito Jacovitti (Termoli, Italia) - Review - Tripadvisor

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