Cantina Rocca di Frassinello

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Cantina Rocca di Frassinello
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Montespertoli, Italia74 kontribusi
Agt 2018 • Sendiri
I booked the ‘classic’ tasting tour (€20) for my visit to Rocca di Frassinello and it didn’t disappoint. The Renzo Piano structure is very simple. The terrace has spectacular views, but it’s the barricaia that’s the star of the show! There is a small Etruscan museum, included in the tour and then a tasting of four wines. A white vermentino and three reds, the Ornello, the Sughere di Frassinello and the Rocca di Frassinello. On your way out you can check out the 8 Etruscan tombs, rounding off a memorable visit.
Ditulis pada 5 Agustus 2018
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Los Angeles, CA4.729 kontribusi
Apr 2018 • Pasangan
I am a fan of Renzo Piano, this I took the detour to visit this Lafit and Castellare join venture project near the Tuscan coast. It was great fun, we get to taste the winery’s wine sitting at the specially designed table that comes with spitting drawer that has water washes away the spit out wine. The wines are good, but we were not offered the flagship wine.
Ditulis pada 20 Mei 2018
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Dan F
Carlsbad, CA80 kontribusi
Apr 2018 • Teman
This is home to high end 'super-Tuscan' wines in a beautifully modern and technologically advanced facility. The Etruscan treasures unearthed here are nicely presented.
Ditulis pada 27 April 2018
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Brisbane, Australia1.224 kontribusi
Sep 2017 • Bisnis
This is a great first day to tour Tuscany; it is in the south-west corner of Tuscan viticulture in the region Maremma, and a really well-established though recent, and modern 78 hectares of vermentino, sangiovese (35 ha), cabernet, merlot and syrah plantings. And every tourist must feel aghast to drive towards the very imposing feature of the large Renzo Piano-designed Tuscan-brown brick winery emerging above the vineyard.

And the man to make our visit and tasting so enjoyable, and my great colleague is Massimo Casagrande, the winery manager and chief winemaker there. We were one day late to see grapes harvested, but the winery gave out freshly crushed and fermenting aromas (started 21 August, over 23 September). The season had been a tough one as climate change tries to rain when its not wanted, and gives us days which are excessively hot for a grape vine to ripen or grow evenly. But in this vineyard the amount of grapes on each vine is limited so we enjoy some flavour concentration.

Massimo's laconic style explains the wines, and the reasons for the vineyard establishment by Castellare-in-Castellina, in Chianti's owner Paolo Pannerai, with his French partner Domaines Rothschild. Taking the hero grape from Chianti Pannerai has established the same revered and historical grape in what he thought was a new site for this ancient strain that makes super wines. Little did he know until recently when his vineyard workers began unearthing Etruscan burial sites with tombs containing wine and drinking vessels made around 3000 BC. No better proof of the long chain of wine production in this area; not a new region, just an old one being replanted. The overall intent in this vineyard, and followed through in the winery is the prime position occupied by sangiovese; so the wines though dotted with portions of Bordeaux or Rhone-origin red varieties, are Tuscan grape dominant. And this region is one of the sunniest places in all Italy so expect fullsome flavour but with panache.

Massimo poured the sole white wine made from vermentino, now a very popular variety grown increasingly in western, maritime Tuscany. Vermentino Son La Pia 2016 is pale green and engrossing varietal wine, unwooded and medium bodied with delicious texture from two stages of harvesting. Its sister wine Rose, Son La Pia 2015 is a blend of merlot and sangiovese in the paler and grippier style of dry Tuscan drinks best kept to drink with pasta time at lunch; light and convincing drinks here. A gastronomic rose from barrel aging.

The entry red blend of sangiovese, unwooded, stored in cement tanks, bottled early; is Poggio alla Guardia 2015, 40% sangiovese, 30% cabernet, 30% merlot; a soft, easy drink. Next is Othello 2014, named after the local slang for cowboy as this region has always supported cattle within the drier, rougher and more isolated valleys and slopes. The wine is 40% sangiovese, 20% syrah, 20% cabernet, 20% merlot aged in older barrels. Of interest these wines must contact 40% sangiovese in their blends to hold the designation DOC Maremma. The next level of seriousness in this cascade of reds is Sughere di Frassinello 2014; 50% sangiovese, 25% cabernet, 25% merlot;14 months in barriques, 25% new, is a pretty complex, delicious and ageable wine. Good. Then comes the hero wine; Rocca di Frassinello 2013; a great vintage to harvest and make; now juicy; 60% sangiovese, 20% cabernet, 20% merlot, from 18 months aging in 50% new barriques. A towering wine, lovely cedary fruit complexity. And to finish this tasting visit is Baffonero 2014, a wine gaining traction as a great 100% Tuscan merlot. The density, colour brilliance, fruit intensity yet velvet softness comes from very low crop loads and excellent harvest flavour and skin ripeness.

The Rocca di Frassinello winery and tasting room is a wonderful experience to travel from Australia to view, and only a few are described here. And one lasting memory-the precise architecturally-designed yet clever cellar auditorium of red barrels arranged in square formation by ascending levels with an air-flow design not requiring temperature management; just the natural 15-17 oC year-round.

Thank you Massimo
Ditulis pada 14 Januari 2018
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Eric S
Jessheim, Norwegia550 kontribusi
Jul 2017 • Keluarga
We followed a recommendation from friends and booked a guided tour of the Rocca di Frasinello winery. The road to get there was not impressive in quality, but the winery, the wine cellar and the place is highly impressive. Design, colours and the Etruscan "museum". We had a very competent guide who showed us around and answered all questions we came up with. The cellar with it magnificent concrete ceiling stretch and all the wine barrels was great to see. The wine tasting was also nice with competent guidance through to the Rocca wine at the top. The Baffenero was naturally enough not part of the tasting, but we can try that on our own. Recommendable winery to visit, even with young adults.
Ditulis pada 18 Juli 2017
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73 kontribusi
Jun 2017 • Pasangan
The tour was interesting with a great history explained. The custom made facility was very interesting to see and the wines we sampled were enjoyable :)
Ditulis pada 22 Juni 2017
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Sparks, NV85 kontribusi
Mei 2016 • Pasangan
This beautiful and modern winery is also changing the approach to wine in Tuscany. While everyone knows the Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montelcino, this unique venture between Castellare di Castellina and Chateau Lafite is producing wonderful blends ready to drink or hold. We enjoyed a tasting of one white and four red wines. In addition, we were able to visit the cellar, or the theater of wine, a beautiful room holding 2,500 barrels. The room designed for maximum function as well as beauty allow for only 5 people to run the internal production.
Although we did not call in advance for a tour, we were able to enjoy the tasting and information provided by Giancarlo. His passions and enthusiasm for the wine and the building were the perfect combination for a delightful experience. And of course, we took one of each bottle with us to remember the day. Don't miss if you are close.
Ditulis pada 18 Mei 2016
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5 kontribusi
Mar 2016
Just spent two days in Tuscany for winetasting and adding a chapter of additional tuscany winemakers to my wine blog. After a fantastic visit at Le Mortelle/Antinori we arrived around 5pm at Rocca di Frassinello. Although visit of wine shop and tour should be open until 7pm everything was closed. After calling and explaining the interest and telling them that we are waiting in front of the door a staff member told me that they closed earlier and i should come back the next day. We left and will never come back!! Good luck with your attitude and maybe re-consider your customer service.....
Ditulis pada 23 Maret 2016
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Hope N
Los Angeles, California, United States33 kontribusi
Sep 2015 • Pasangan
The biggest disappointment of our 2 week trip. We planned to come here on our last full day in Italy. It is off the beaten path and we braved dirt roads and various tractors to get here. We were so excited when we saw the magnificent building. It said the winery was open until 7 PM and a tour would be at 5, when we arrived at 4:50. Unfortunately the doors were locked. It gave a number to call if during "open" hours and we could hear the phone ring in the store before going to voice mail. We knocked as well--nothing--what a way to ruin a final day in Italy when we could have spent the hour detour doing something wonderful. DO NOT PATRONIZE THESE PEOPLE
Ditulis pada 7 September 2015
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Luisa B
Bologna, Italia145 kontribusi
Jul 2015
We were here on a wine tasting event combined with the Festival Melodie del Vino, featuring a concert by Stefano "Cocco" Cantini and Simone Zanchini.
The place is unique, absolutely to be visited. The winery was designed by Renzo Piano and it is beautifully set in an inspiring landscape. The tasting room is a glass case with a continuous and open view all around. It is set in the middle of what they call the "sagrato" (church square).
Below the sagrato is the cellar of the barriques, almost a cathedral. This is where the concert took place. Together some famous covers and a few of his original musical compositions, Stefano "Cocco" Cantini played a reproduction of an Etruscan flute. The music was quite impressive, indeed.
In the area several Etruscan tombs were discovered in the 1970's and the ownership contributed to the creation of a Museum where some of the objects discovered in the excavations. One in particular is an ancient STAMNOS, a wine vase, decorated with a Dionysian procession.
We also tasted a reproduction of the Etruscan wine prepared by the archeologists of the University of Florence who are excavating in the area.
We greatly enjoyed the evening: wine tasting, music listening in a perfect panorama.
Ditulis pada 11 Agustus 2015
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