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Toko Barang Khusus & Suvenir • Galeri Seni • Toko Barang Antik
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Boulder, Colorado185 kontribusi
Jul 2019
Last visit I regretted so much not buying a statue so this time I bought a statue and tons of other stuff as well. There was an issue with the shipper so I had to contact the gallery 3 months after my visit - but as soon as they were aware my things weren't shipped (unclear reason,) they contacted the shipper and got things moving fast. It arrived in good condition, everything were very well packed and I'm interested in buying more from the gallery. Just make sure your contact details/emails are very clearly visible on all forms to avoid confusion or problems communicating.
Ditulis pada 13 Mei 2020
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Ifana T
5 kontribusi
Sep 2019 • Pasangan
We went to this store and the sister’s store (around 10mins walk away) and we bought a number of wooden crafts with relatively reasonable prices compared to other stores in Bali. We regretted not bringing an empty luggage as you can find lots of good antiques from other parts of Indonesia in both of the stores. We bought an old engraved stick from Batak, and other wooden crafts.
Will definitely come back again when we visit Ubud.
Ditulis pada 4 September 2019
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Emma H
London, UK27 kontribusi
Agt 2019 • Pasangan
We have visited this wonderful shop (and sister shop) a few times in our visits to Bali. It’s always full of interesting things from modestly priced nicknacks to huge, elaborate artefacts. There is never any pushy sales pitch - they just seem happy you are interested. We purchased some pieces at price we were happy with. The staff could not have been more in packing them for us and helping us decide on shipping options. Really great experience. We will undoubtedly be back next time we are here.
Ditulis pada 16 Agustus 2019
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Darwin, Australia26 kontribusi
Jan 2018 • Pasangan
This place is simply incredible and not only for the quality and variety of the pieces available from across Indonesia (of which there are many) but also for the amazing level of service! My husband and I were looking for paintings in a particular style however did not know the name of that style. One of the co-owners (?Donna - sorry if I do not know your name for certain) suggested we go to the Neka Museum (just down the road) to look at the different styles so we knew the name of the what we were after. She also said that if they did not have what we were after they could assist us in finding a gallery that did. We did as she suggested and on our return met Made Jendra (the co-owner) with whom we arranged to visit some other galleries the next day. Cutting a long story short, we spent nearly a full day with Made, visited some galleries that were clearly high quality as well as some galleries based in people’s homes. At no time was he (or anyone pushing us to buy anything), instead, we met people who were genuinely interested in helping us find what we were after. After the successful purchase of some pieces (and the unexpected gifting of a curator/artist’s sketch book (!!!) we went back to Kuluk Gallery where they spent over an hour packaging the artworks so we could take as check in luggage on the plane that night. Donna (?) then insisted on helping me navigate airline websites / call centres to arrange additional check-in luggage. Made delivered us back to our hotel probably some 8 hours after picking us up that morning - and this was all for no self gain! We didn’t even get to buy anything from Kuluk Gallery this time as had no room in our baggage!!!! It was certainly The best day of our short trip and one of the most memorable of many repeat visits to Bali. Many thanks to you Donna (?) and Made - and yes, our paintings made it safely home as did we!!
Ditulis pada 27 Januari 2018
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Singapura, Singapura3 kontribusi
Jul 2017 • Sendiri
Great gallery, tons of vintage and antique items including fabulous textiles, furniture (I bought 2 pieces), works of daily usage (beetle nut cutters)....beautiful stuff delivered with tremendous, knowledgeable service by Donna and her team.
Ditulis pada 24 Juli 2017
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San Antonio, TX3 kontribusi
Jun 2017 • Pasangan
After spending a few days walking through UBUD visiting shop after shop that looked the same, our hotel pointed us in the direction of Kuluk Gallery. When we walked in we were immediately welcomed by the shop's owner. Originally from Hawaii, she spoke perfect English and very candidly explained to us what to look for in Balinese Art & Antiques. She then introduced us to her business partner Made who seemed to know everything there was to know about art on the island. He then took us to their other shop Kuluk Celeng Gallery where we purchased a nice piece of artwork. Made was extremely helpful and generous with his advice and time. 100% recommend these shops!
Ditulis pada 21 Juli 2017
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London, UK135 kontribusi
Des 2016 • Keluarga
Liked looking around and talking to the ladies there. They explained to the kids about the background of some of the objects. We didn't feel at all pressed to buy anything. The objects here are unusual and interesting.
Ditulis pada 16 Desember 2016
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Perth, Australia86 kontribusi
Okt 2016 • Keluarga
A group of us visited Kuluk Gallery and all found something interesting to look at or buy. She has things from all over Indonesia - it is a one stop shop for antiques and especially fabrics. Fixed price so no need to stress. A good range of items at all price points.

Thanks to Donna for sharing her expert knowledge of the fabrics which caught my eye.She is definitely a textile enthusiast and has some great contacts. I have been collecting Asian textiles over many years in an amateur capacity so appreciate what this place offers.

I was tempted and fell for some beautifully woven fabrics and also batik tulis. Also a good range of batik stamps.

Thanks Donna!
Ditulis pada 13 Oktober 2016
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Sydney144 kontribusi
Jan 2016 • Sendiri
I came here on the recommendation of a friend who is seriously into textiles. This place is like Aladdin's cave - there is just so much to see and find. Donna, the owner, seriously knows her textiles and takes time explaining how they're made, where they come from etc. and pulling out things to illustrate - and to just give you an idea. She also has a very interesting range of objects - all manner of carvings, statues and other quirky things such as rice cutters (!) betel nut grinders etc. If only I could have bought some wooden things. Alas Australian customs are very strict on bringing wooden objects in. Still, I manage to come away with not only a good selection of fabric and a few gorgeous objects but also a better understanding of various weaving forms from different countries and a new friend.
Ditulis pada 28 Januari 2016
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Bali, Indonesia26 kontribusi
Okt 2015 • Sendiri
Well I have bought lots and lots from this place and also recommended it on here and to people I have met in Ubud So it was with tremendous sadness and disappointment ( and a little anger ) that I found when I wanted to buy again they seemed not to care at all about past business from me and did not even consider a thank you in the way of a price reduction at all ! I will not be recommending them any more such a pity they have no wish to look after loyal custom ! Says a lot about them I think 😓😢😡
Ditulis pada 12 November 2015
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Thank you for expressing your frank comments about our service to you. At the time, as we recall, you had an idea to take an existing door and do some major renovations to it, and were requesting a price that was unfortunately below our cost for the door itself, materials and labor. We were sad that we could not accomodate your budget, however, you seemed still fine with that and said you were considering your next step. Then while we were waiting to hear from you, a Balinese family came and bought several doors, one of which included the one you had pointed out. We corresponded by email and informed you that unfortunately the door you were considering had already sold, but we would have others you could choose from. Your response was that if someone else wanted the door that was ok with you. We apologise for any misunderstanding or our inability to meet your price requests. We have been in business for almost 20 years and our small family business is based on our customers who over the years have turned into good friends. If at any time you feel you would like to visit us again (or just correspond) we welcome you as always with an open heart and mind. Matur Suksma, Made
Ditulis pada 13 November 2015
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