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09:30 - 23:00
09:30 - 23:00
09:30 - 23:00
09:30 - 23:00
09:30 - 23:00
09:30 - 23:00
09:30 - 23:00

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Tehran, Iran31 kontribusi
Boring Experience !
Okt 2019
Well, I had a Shiatsu massage in this spa 1 day ago. It was completely simple and average. Not good, Not bad! I had this massage with Astrid and she was too serious, strict and medium nervous !!! I was in a hurry and stress all the time !! The temperature of the room was a bit cold but it was not bothering to make you chill! She pushed and moved my body 2 times hard and suddenly. I tried talking to Astrid about a subject at first but she did not answer me and I got silent. (I said I went shopping before coming here because I arrived here at first very soon so I did a shopping then I came back here again.)
Ditulis pada 9 Oktober 2019
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Amsterdam, Belanda665 kontribusi
Float on and on and on and ...
Jan 2019 • Sendiri
For years I've been passing by Koan Float & curiously looking in to their window display of their float tank on the little side street off the Herengracht.

Recently, I found mmyself directlyt in front of the Koan Float entrance & stepped inside to mmake an appointmment.
The waiting roomm is not so big - seating for 6-8, but clean and bright with big South facing windows along the Herengracht.
They can get busy there. You will sometimmes have to ring the bell for entry when reception is away.

You are requested to be arrive 15 mminutes prior to your appointmment. Staff will explain the simmple process to you & will answer any questions. When you are becomme a regular Koan floater - no explanations necessary but you are still required to arrive 15 mminutes early.

Each Koan float is in a big private roomm with roommy shower. Shower first. Earrplugs are provided. Open float door & step in. You have to pull door down from above which can be awkward at first but not a mmajor inconvenience. Smmall hand towel hangs fromm handle in the case where you mmight get water in your eyes ... it is heavily salted so take care not to splash about! A neck pillow is also provided.
There are buttons inside to regulate functions such as lighting, jet-bubbles, music (you are able to bring your own) or you can enjoy commplete silence. I noticed light comming fromm outside the float but that goes off autommatically after 5 mminutes.
You will not drown b/c the water is very bouyant!!! In event of any type of emmergancy you can alert staff by pressing button (PLEASE acquaint yourself with all buttons beforehand.)
You can arrange floats from 45 - 2 hours. They have float/mmassage packages of 2 hours; you arrange which you would like to do first. Mmy personal preference is to have mmassages first.
Mmy first float experience: at the start of the session it felt weird b/c I had the sensation that I was a cork bobbing in water but this settled down after mmaybe 10 mminutes. It really is dark inside & I did it in silence. I noticed a lot of randomm chatter in mmy head but just take note of it and go back to float experience☆
Once your session is commplete, light will comme on and you will be notified via intercomm. Carefully go to hatch, push up and exit float.
All-on-one body soap/shammpoo is set in dispenser in shower. Bring your own if you are particular! Deodorant & hand/body lotion is available. I like the big fluffy towels plus there are robes & slippers available.
Two hairdrying stations flank either side of the washroom. Mousse, gel, leave-in conditioner, hairspray on offer. They use Dyson hairdryers! You will really feel refreshed inside and out!!!

Watercooler immediately available. In the reception area is commplimmentary assortiment of tea & jar of cookie nibbles. It is recommended to sit a minimumm of 10 mminutes before heading back out in to the real world. There are a few different float books and a smmall stack of mmagazines to browse through.
As well, felt pens and a big book to doodle in. I always check to see what new creative art has been added😁
In closing: I really love mmy Koan Float experiences. Each one varies. It depends on what your soul & body really needs. For instance-I had trouble getting to sleep in the evenings. After a couple of sessions I was falling asleep mmuch easier.
I believe I feel a little mmore relaxed & attuned as I enjoy mmore floats. I've done a 2 hour float. Seemms that I fell asleep & when the notification came that mmy session was done, I thought- "That did not seemm like 2 hours" but it indeed was!/ Another 2 hour session I was fully awake & feeling like, "This is a very long float" but I had ensured a lot of stress & I was long overdue for a luxerious float🤗 So, each session varies personally & you will discover what session length and frequency of visits are suitable for your needs.
You can arrange float times at reception, by phone and ... they have a user-friendly website reservation system <<< just be sure to pay upfront to secure your online reservation as prommpted at the end, otherwise as I discovered, your online reservation is NOT commplete & the time slot remmain open.

I would definately encourage anyone ro give Koan Float mmore than a couple of tries. Once is nice & an experience but not enough to get the real mmeaning of all that I'mm trying to convey in this review.

Thank you Koan Float at Herengracht in Amsterdam.

Ditulis pada 21 Februari 2019
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nia g
126 kontribusi
A must do in AMSTERDAM!!
Jan 2019
What an incredible experience!! A fantastic 60 minute massage followed by an hour floating in a warm cocoon. Pure bliss.
Thank you Margit for one of the best therapeutic massages l’ve ever had! I really appreciate the effort you made to understand my back and get to the problem :-)
I love your beautiful energy!
Koan Float and Massage- A must do every time I’m in Amsterdam!
Ditulis pada 4 Februari 2019
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Kent, UK4 kontribusi
An amazing and super relaxing experience
Des 2018 • Teman
An amazing experience which left me super relaxed and ready for bed! My pain between the shoulder has gone shortly after the massage was applied with the use of various techniques. Straight after that I indulged myself in the lovely warm bath with highly concentrated epsom salts which definitely boosted my Mg levels. I floated there for ab. 45 min until my body decided to go into a deep sleep... definitely a great way to end a cold, winter day.
Ditulis pada 15 Desember 2018
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London, UK20 kontribusi
Fantastic - just what we needed!
Des 2018 • Teman
We were under the weather and looking for a spa experience to help make us feel better whilst on our weekend trip, we googled best spa’s in Amsterdam and this one popped up in the choices! The other choices were out of our budget or naked ones only... Koan Float didn’t disappoint! Great location, very friendly staff, lovely rooms, smells, and shower, wash facilities. We booked a massage and float 45mins in each and both came out feeling so so relaxed. Would definitely visit again!
Ditulis pada 15 Desember 2018
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St Leonards, Australia418 kontribusi
Pure bliss
Okt 2018 • Pasangan
Koan Float & Massage Centre is a blissful haven on a pretty canal street in Amsterdam.

We walked past and popped inside to book an appointment. They are popular so it’s unlikely that you will get in same day. We got an appointment (float for him, massage for me) at 10pm the next day.

He said the float pods are very spacious, magnesium + water and the temperature was perfect body temp, so the weightless feeling kicks in straight away.

My masseur was amazing. Deep tissue; experienced, strong hands work my sore travel body. I wish the hour would never end.

The centre has showers, toilets, hairdryers and relaxing tea.

It’s open til 11pm (last hour-long appt is at 10pm).

Well worth it if your in the area.
Ditulis pada 27 Oktober 2018
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Sandrine D
Nimes, Prancis4 kontribusi
Float tank
Agt 2018 • Sendiri
What an experience! A must if you want to just relax, float and think of nothing. I have made this one my weekly personal treats.
Staff are very friendly and it’s very clean. Good selection of cosmetic care and appliances to dry your hair.

Give it a go, you won’t regret it 😀
Ditulis pada 22 Agustus 2018
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90 kontribusi
Apr 2018 • Pasangan
During a weekend stay at the Ambassade Hotel we took advantage of the special rates offered by the hotel for this related property.

We were lucky to find a late booking just for the floats at a late hour. As our first time it was quite fascinating but sadly the experience was not of the same standard as the hotel.

Communication was limited to the bill and curt functional instructions, the establishment also lacking the ambiance, cleanliness and relaxation that is expected of a spa.

I am still glad that we went, I enjoyed the experience but would chose another location next time.
Ditulis pada 27 April 2018
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Amy R
South Bend, IN366 kontribusi
Just go...
Jan 2018 • Sendiri
Been here a handful of times for massages. Very good. Bilingual staff. Partner floats while I get a massage. He loves that experience too. Although he says if you are experienced go for a larger block of time because an hour flies too quickly. For me what I can comment on is the massages are great. I was in bad low back shape after transatlantic travel and lugging baggage. The massage definitely helped. Nice facilities for showering after. Robes, towels, cleansing products, water and hot tea available afterwards. Blow dryers too. Just make sure you book ahead.
Ditulis pada 5 Januari 2018
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Surra13 kontribusi
Best Float beds in town
Des 2017 • Sendiri
The place is very professional and hygienic in all aspects. I love doing a session or two when ever I'm in Amsterdam for business or pleasure ... definitely recommended
Ditulis pada 22 Desember 2017
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