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Michael D
Dublin, Irlandia3 kontribusi
Smell your drink here before you take the first sip, I wish I had. I ordered a pint of Guinness took a sip and wished I had gone somewhere else. The taste was rancid and the smell putrid. I called over the very pleasant bar maid and asked her to smell my pint she agreed it was 'off'. She decided to take the pint to the owner who was in a back room of the bar. She came back after a few minutes and said the female owner told her 'the drink was fine that she (the owner) was after having a few glasses of Guinness and there was nothing wrong with it'. Excellent customer service? I asked the bar maid to donated my pint to the owner and hopefully she put the undertaker on notice.

This place took my money and served up garbage and the owner did not even have the courtesy to meet her customers when this issue arose, very easy to throw the unfortunate embarrassed bar maid under the bus.I had a female companion with me the first two drinks she requested were not available (a pint of cider and a pint bottle of cider). She tried a small bottle of cider that was recommended by the barmaid, it was fine.

We both left the bar in disgust at the way we were treated,needless to say leaving behind our drinks. Never to return.
Ditulis pada 7 Mei 2019
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