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The Florence Art Studio
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Carolyn P
Wollongong, Australia17 kontribusi
Jan 2020
What a great experience to spend a month at the FAS. Gary and his team were so giving with their knowledge and expertise. The tuition was intense and at times, it was a bit like drawing bootcamp but I wouldn't change that at all. I would not have thought that it was possible to improve my drawing and 'seeing' skills in such a short time. Such a beautiful, well organised and centrally located studio, I challenge anyone not to improve their artistic skill set. Will definately be back.
Ditulis pada 21 Juli 2020
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Olivebridge, NY7 kontribusi
Feb 2017 • Pasangan
At the Florence Art Studio, in an historic palazzo in the center of the city, Gary Adcock has created the ideal environment to learn a classical method of drawing. Gary is a talented artist and an exceptionally attentive, kind and encouraging teacher. Surrounded by Gary's inspiring drawings and paintings, and working in a peaceful, light, well-organized room, I was able to focus my attention on learning to see and translate a three-dimensional cast into a beautiful charcoal drawing. Gary is generous with his time and shares his broad knowledge of art and art history. He encourages each student to work carefully, and provides disciplined but supportive instruction. The class size is small, and I found the other students friendly and talented. Each day, the intense three-hour morning instruction session was broken by a group visit to one of the best pastry/coffee shops in the city, where we relaxed and got to know Gary and one another. The studio remained open and available for students to work in the afternoon and early evening. This school is for people who are serious about learning the classical sight-size method of drawing and taking advantage of Florence's amazing cultural resources.
Ditulis pada 31 Mei 2017
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Melanie T
3 kontribusi
Feb 2017 • Sendiri
I can highly recommend the Florence Art Studio. In only 5 weeks I could improve my drawing and painting skills tremendously. I would never have thought that I could draw so accurate. With the method Gary teaches I learned how to see correctly and can adapt this technique in every drawing or painting I do.

Thank you very much Gary for your patience, for challenging me and passing on your enormous knowledge.

Many Greetings, Melanie
Ditulis pada 23 Mei 2017
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NYC16 kontribusi
Jan 2017 • Sendiri
I walked in off the street to the Florence Art Studio without ever knowing about it before. I did know I wanted to go to art school for drawing in Florence. I met Gary Adcock and he gave me the nickel tour and explained the teaching method. I signed up for a week of school. I arrived at school the next day and dove into drawing, Gary taught me a completely different method than I had learned before from my artist father and one other art school. I told him I wanted to be able to draw better than a comic book artist. His method, patience and exacting discipline were simply amazing. I did learn how to draw in that week and more importantly Gary gave me the tools I would need to improve my drawing skills. It was a great class and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn. When I return to Florence, the home of the Renaissance, I will take more classes. Thanks Gary!
Ditulis pada 31 Januari 2017
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Norwich11 kontribusi
Apr 2016 • Sendiri
Having just completed a week's tuition at the Florence Art Studio I cannot recommend it highly enough. Tuition in the classical style of portrait painting was time consuming and exacting but very interesting. And, it was so exciting to leave at the end of a successful week knowing that I could take the methods home with me and also contact Laura for additional advice on future projects. I found the whole experience very enjoyable and learnt so much in a wonderfully friendly studio environment where nothing is too much trouble for Laura and Frank, which definitely enhanced my visit. Of course Florence is beautiful and to stay there whilst learning and then exploring and enjoying the art and history in this city is such a treat. I hope to return before too long.
Laura, Frank and Rubens thank you for a perfect stay.
Ditulis pada 25 April 2016
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Manila, Filipina5 kontribusi
Mar 2015 • Sendiri
The Florence Art Studio was an unexpected gift to my artistic aspirations. I signed up for a two-week study program with the expectation that I was going to be helped along in my drawing skills which is fundamental to my aspirations in classical realist painting. I did not expect, however, that the actual course and the methodology would be life-changing. The actual work undertaken in the studio far exceeded my initial expectations. Gary is an astute, experienced and generous teacher. Patient but firm, clear and effective, Gary's instruction is not wanting for humor too. While there were occasions when I perceived the subject differently from him, the learning environment enabled an objective discussion and resolution of those differences. I believe that such an environment, where the student's individual perception of the object is given due consideration in tandem with tested techniques in classical drawing/painting, is very helpful to students who are still learning such fundamental skills and simultaneously discovering their unique, artistic voice. It enables the student to learn time tested techniques in a way that is personal, and therefore, unique and modern.

Looking back, I note that there are three things that can greatly benefit students during their time in the Studio :

First, patience, e.g. one needs to be patient in learning under the classical method because there will be mistakes along the way that are best identified with honesty and objectivity.

Second, persistence, e.g. one needs to be persistent as one struggles to correct mistakes and strive for precision and resolution.

Third, presence, e.g. one needs to be present in the learning process. There simply can not be any optimal learning if the student is distracted, let alone half-hearted in the learning process .

It is a powerful learning program, but only if the student is willing to do the work in response to the teacher's dedication to the teaching. In my case, it changed my life because it gave me confidence that meaningful improvement in my skills was possible and within reach, if I choose to do so.

I am grateful to Gary for designing a program that supports my artistic aspirations and I look forward to practicing all that I have learned, in the interim. As a devoted student of art and life, I am lucky to have found the Florence Art Studio and look forward to learning more with them again, soon.
Ditulis pada 1 April 2015
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Penny W
London, England, United Kingdom2 kontribusi
Nov 2012 • Sendiri
I fulfilled my dream last month. I booked 7 days of instruction at The Florence Art Studio with Gary Adcock. It was wonderful. Not only is the studio a magnificent space to work in but Gary is a brilliant instructor. I loved every moment of it. The studio is centrally located. I booked a little apartment through Windows on Italy which was literally around the corner from the studio. My first day we discussed my art goals and before I knew it...I was learning to draw. I have been painting for about 3 years but never learned the fundamentals of drawing. After 7 days...I am more knowledgable, confident and eager to continue my lessons. I'm going back next February for two weeks.

Don't wait to do this. The classical music was playing as I worked. The fresco ceilings were inspirational. Gary is kind, patient and true to learning to do things correctly. I told him he has a student for life now. I know as I progress...I will become a very accomplished artist as time goes on. And for those of you from the US or England...Gary is an America. No problem with accents and language. I felt at home the moment I met him. Thank you Gary.
Ditulis pada 30 November 2012
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Kelly S
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States4 kontribusi
Okt 2012 • Sendiri
I recently had the pleasure of attending The Florence Art Studio. The school is in a beautiful 18th century palazzo. My incredible instructor, Gary Adcock, gently guided me through the process of learning the sight-size method. With patience and several approaches to learning he helped me to achieve my goals. In addition to daily instruction, Gary also takes his students on museum tours. I enjoyed learning how each artist accomplished their work while learning the history as well. I felt inspired everyday. Florence is the city of masterpieces. I am eagerly awaiting when I can return for more lessons. I highly recommend this type of art education to anyone interested in becoming an artist or if you already are and want to hone your skills.
Ditulis pada 15 November 2012
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