Gran Paradiso National Park

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Gran Paradiso National Park

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Kipp M
Tucson, AZ196 kontribusi
Climbed Gran Paradiso
Jul 2019 • Teman
Beautiful peak that is likely the most climbed 4000 meter peak in Italy. Still magnificent. Non-technical with a few crevasse requiring a rope. Summit rock is easy, easy 5th class.
Ditulis pada 17 Juli 2019
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אריאלה פ
Budapest, Hongaria132 kontribusi
Jun 2019 • Keluarga
Such a beauty nature ,such a relax,quiet
People very nice all area so amazing
Have to visit and travel in all small villages
Ditulis pada 25 Juni 2019
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111 kontribusi
Cogne hike
Jun 2019 • Pasangan
Just did the hike from valnontey to rifuggio Vitorio sella
Only approx 12kms but 900 odd up was tiring but beautiful
Views were stupendous for most of the walk and plenty of animals to view as well
The rifuggio also provided hearty meals at the top
Allow 2 to 3.5 hours to get up to the top
It took us 2.5 and though my wife doesn’t enjoy uphills of the magnitude she soldiered on and loved it overall
Easy parking at 4 euros for the day
Ditulis pada 9 Juni 2019
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Australia180 kontribusi
Incredible family hike
Agt 2018 • Keluarga
This is undoubtedly a beautiful national park. If you're in the region it's definitely worth a visit. Entrance is free and parking is cheap. The memories you'll create are priceless. We visited with a young family and followed the loop trail from Lillaz to Lake Loie and return via an alternate route (ie trails 12 and 13). We thought it would take 5.5hrs, but it took us 8 hrs. Along the way we encountered ibex, chamois, frogs, butterflies and marmots. Lago Loie is beautifully serene and the view of the valley from up there is breathtaking. An exhausting but incredible experience and one we will never forget.

My full review (with photos) and many others are here, under the Italian listing for Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso (the reviews can be easily translated with TA):
Ditulis pada 2 September 2018
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Turin, Italia130 kontribusi
Absolutely to go!
Mar 2018 • Teman
Such an amazing place to visit and put into a bucket list of things to do before dying! Hahaha, okay let me be back serious. This place offers during winter season many possibility to have fun with your family or your friends or just enjoy your solo trip. When I have been there, it was so cold and I couldn't walk for the entire path of the park (usually during spring you can enjoy the beauty of animals, plants, flowers and so on). By the way, I took my ski equipment and I could ski freely and also watch the match out there.
To reach such a place, I took train from Turin to Aosta (so, I was also able to visit another brilliant city of Italy) and then, from there a bus to Cogne.
Absolutely recommended! Gooooooo
Ditulis pada 14 Mei 2018
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London, UK159 kontribusi
Paradise on earth!
Jul 2016 • Pasangan
We went for a day trip from Turin! As it was in the middle of summer, Itally in general was very hot. The weather was lovely and the scenery was breathtaking.
Ditulis pada 22 Juli 2016
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Villar Perosa, Italia177 kontribusi
Wonderful park , in a pristine environment
Feb 2015 • Teman
This area , for many years an oasis of protected wildlife , is in the Aosta Valley , and can either be visited by trekking , or by skis in the winter season . When skiing , it's not unusual to see deers or other animals crossing the slopes in front of you , an amazing experience . The surrounding snowcapped mountains constitute a unique landscape , with the view of Mont Blanc not faraway .
Ditulis pada 7 Maret 2015
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Thessaloniki, Yunani53 kontribusi
A real Paradise
Jul 2014 • Teman
The place is really amazing, Trees and small rivers everywhere, the beautiful Italian Alps full of snow. I went there at the summer and made it almost to the top of Gran Paradiso, the view is stunning, It is easy to get to the place and if you like natures beauty you should visit it
Ditulis pada 21 September 2014
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Meise6 kontribusi
Wild life!
Jul 2014 • Pasangan
This not so well know nature park has more to offer than you think. On our first (and only) walk which was of medium level, we saw the ibex and several alpine marmots (which are very cute). The campings are good and the restaurants are less expensive.
Ditulis pada 29 Juli 2014
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Eli B
Sydney, Australia3.702 kontribusi
Come, join me in my private paradise of unspoilt alpine wilderness
Agt 2013 • Pasangan
Share this with me. Within sight of Mont Blanc,anything is crystal-beauty.
The park is named for one of the mountains within its confine,the highest on Italian soil. And the name is fitting for the park is a paradise of unspoilt alpine wilderness filled with an incredible variety of plants,flowers and animals.

Armed with serious hiking boots,reasonable fitness and yodelling- pitch to match the beauty of the edelweiss,violets,anemones and wildflowers,we set off with the hope of seeing changes,ibex and the elusive marmots.
You drive two and a half hours from either Milan or Geneva and a little less from Turin and you find yourself either in France,Switzerland or Italy. My femme decided the Italian frontier. We started at the village of Lillaz and headed towards the wide,U-shaped glacial valley of Urtier.
My personal pet hate is the high- tension- line that runs the full length,marring the alpine valley but brings essential electricity. Our guide was an inexhaustible source of information,a lot shared, as we climbed past a natural outcrop showered by a powerful little waterfall,that shot out of a rocky gorge. he pointed out a juniper sabine, the small carnivorous plants that digest insects to compensate for the lack of nitrogen in the soil. With a quick pointing of his arm,he pointed to a rocky cliff where the park's biggest nocturnal predator,the le duc owl,had its nest.

Leaving the open,grassy valley we climbed to higher ground. our path took us first through a wooded area. Evergreens and larches dominate. We started at an altitude of about 5000 ft. By 11.00 o'clock we were at 7500 ft reaching the top of a grassy,rocky shoulder. Suddenly our guide shooshed us and called us over to the edge in a hushed voice. On the steep slope below was a herd of about 60 chamois with their characteristic small black curved horns. Quickly aware of our presence they began running away with such speed,that they climbed a much higher mountainside opposite. In a few minutes,we could see them crossing a snow field several hundred meters above us.

By sheer serendipity, about half an hour later we encountered a group of male ibex,the heavy big horns of the oldest was half a meter long. Awesome, to the max.
For those with more stamina one of the more rigourous outings is roughly two and a half hour hike,3000 ft up an old mule trail to the mountain refuge of Vittorio sella. the refuge,formally a royal hunting lodge,offers dormitory accommodation and hot meals in the summer and unattended shelter for the rest of the year,very much like the kosziosko huts back home in Australia,in the skiing season,many years ago when i used to cross-country.

This walk affords one of the best chances of seeing ibex and chamois, the trails are not usually well marked,but orientation is not difficult. You will be at 6,000 ft and it is usually obvious in which direction the deep valley floor lies. This makes the Gran Paradiso summit a very popular destination for the casual alpinist. Doesn't it have a great ring to it...'alpinist'? Its a long walk presenting no particular difficulties,but it is strenuous and needing crampons,ice-pick and a rope,because a good part of the day is along glaciers.

Three years ago we made a 3-day trip in the park,spending two nights in one of the unattended huts,small but with enough space for 6 people. On the return leg we had an unforgettable experience. After crossing a difficult pass in intermittent fog,we saw before us ,a wide,boulder strewn and desolate mountain plateau. But instead of the slow,painful going that we expected,we discovered a largely intact royal hunting road that made our advance an absolute pleasure. it was built of rock and earth and raised a meter off the growth to negotiate the rough terrain in an almost straight line.

We imagined with awe,the thousands of of man-hours that had been spent during the 19th century,building such roads at these desolate altitudes,so that king Vittorio Emanuele II could more easily pursue his favourite pastime.
Treading a royal road,spotting ibex,chamois and owls plus the wonderland around us for company,i look into my femme's eyes at twilight,and sigh deeply.
Ditulis pada 3 Mei 2014
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