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Mike G
Bonita, CA124 kontribusi
Mei 2017 • Sendiri
I can understand why some people were disappointed after going up to the forts expecting to find them open and accessible, especially if it took them a long hike to do so, only to find them closed and covered by vegetation: the same thing happened to me on my first climb, and with a bad knee to boot! The proper way to visit the forts is to watch their website for the tours that are regularly given of by Genova's various hiking and outdoor clubs. These events are scheduled well in advance to allow you to plan a proper assault on the forts and walls of Genova, and to learn more details about their history. Follow the links on the page, and then follow the trails up to the forts. And yes, on a clear day, you CAN see Corsica! The view IS worth the climb.

NB: The next tour is scheduled for 10 October 2017, as detailed below.
Ditulis pada 4 Oktober 2017
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