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Jul 2015
A relative's graduation party is taking place at the Sulky Lounge tonight. After an average welcome drink we were placed at a table on the first floor, squeezed inbetween a window and a wall. going to the bathroom or going for a smoke during 'dinner' is an absolute no go! There is no room to get up and leave the table. Since there is no room for us to leave - there is also no room for a waitress to get anywhere close to the table. the result: plates, drinks and food (cold dishes!!) are being moved over about 20 others to finally get to you. This doesn't feel like a 5 star experience at all! the staff here is kind - however you hardly ever get to see them! Having spent 70 € each person for this dinner, it feels truly disappointing and having a chinese take-away at home would have been a hundret times more style. Do not waste money or time booking your event at this place. Thr management doesn't seem to know how to organise well!
Ditulis pada 13 Juli 2015
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