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Megan T
1 kontribusi
Jul 2018 • Teman
I am from America and decided to try the Paris nightlife out with my friend. Everything there seemed fun at first, but out of nowhere the security guard approached me and begin to manhandle and shove me to the point where he literally pushed me out the front door of the club. I understand if someone is belligerent and too drunk that you will be removed from a club, but that was not me. I was sitting and talking with my friends at a table and was singled out. My friend who was French was not discriminated against, I do not speak French so I was not able to get any sort of explanation for what I did so terrible to be treated the way I was. Once outside I tried to speak to another security guard to ask what I had done to be treated that way, and he literally cursed me out and called me a stupid b****. Being from Washington DC, I’ve been to my fair share of clubs and bars. But I have never once been physically and verbally abused the way I was there. Mind you, I paid 20$ to get in. So please, if you’re not French do not even waste your time.
Ditulis pada 8 Juli 2018
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Chase S
1 kontribusi
Do NOT Visit If You Are From NOT From France
Jan 2017 • Teman
This place was absolutely terrible. Myself being an International Student, wanted to experience a true Paris nightclub. When my International friends and I arrived at Le Mix, we were immediately discriminated against by the security, as they would only let French people in. We then proceeded to ask why we could not enter and why they were acting the way they were, to which they cursed at us. My friends and I cursed back to the security in defence of the remarks against us, to which the security responded by using pepper-spray on us. The discrimination, and attack on us International Students was atrocious, I highly warn any travellers who are not French to stay away from this place. It is not worth your time and money.
Ditulis pada 29 Januari 2017
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Katie H
Newark, DE6 kontribusi
Waste of money and time
Jan 2017 • Teman
Went there for a great night in Paris, to get in it was €15 and then they MADE you spend more money to check your coat even if it's just a tiny leather jacket. The staff was very rude. Most pretended they couldn't speak English when the clearly could the drinks are over priced and nasty the place has a lot of potential but clearly doesn't use it. Music was weird not a good time what so ever would not ever go back and I hope other people don't waist their time there.
Ditulis pada 19 Januari 2017
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Paris, Prancis11 kontribusi
Student Night visit
Sep 2016
Poor review as there's a lot of things wrong with this place. It's great if you want a bit of a dance and it's a student night but a lot of things could be improved here. The prices are absolutely ridiculous for one drink and even the non-alcoholic drinks are severely overpriced, I think my friend paid 8€ for a coke once which is absolutely outrageous. The door staff on the way in are not the nicest and you're pretty much treated like a criminal as you're waiting in line to get into the club. The staff in the toilets are also very very rude if you don't speak French and quite rude if you do speak French, one of them practically shouted at me when I walked into the toilets with a bottle of beer (he decided to tell me you weren't allowed drinks in the bathrooms 10 minutes after I'd been queuing up and finally reached the front of the line). Other than these conditions you can actually have a pretty good time at the club if it's a student night on a Thursday as you get in free before 12 (you have to arrive between 11pm - 11.15pm to even have a chance at getting in though). Also the stickers for where you come from / what languages you speak is a pretty cool idea!
Ditulis pada 25 November 2016
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137 kontribusi
Atleast the music
Agt 2016 • Teman
Well I like EDM and that kind of music. If you know some french radios, its kinda like NRJ / FUN Radio songs. Its difficult to find that kind of music here in Paris, so I like very much there!!! But the consomation price is quite high, 10euros for a soft drink is the same with soft+alcohol, not too make sense. The crowds was getting weird after and after, not Top but they have a good erasmus night every thursday.
Ditulis pada 9 Agustus 2016
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kirsch k
Paris, Prancis1 kontribusi
Terrible club experience
Okt 2012 • Teman
This club is horrible!!! I went there on a Thursday for one of their Erasmus parties. In the beginning, it was okay. It was not too crowded. Then, at one point, they let in too many people and actually, at the same time the VIP area, which was half the club, was quite empty! The music was awful and I was just happy to go home. But then the real fun started. I picked up my jacket and something was missing. Actually, this never happened to me before, although I went partying in many different countries around the world: USA, Peru, Mexico, Mozambique, Germany, Spain, France, etc. Of course, this can occur when you consider the entire jackets they have to take care of, but the way this club treated me afterwards cannot be considered as customer service. In the end, I never got back my jacket and I can really advice everybody to watch out. I learned my lesson for real: Never again MIX Club and just one jacket when you go to a club… does not matter how cold it is outside ;)
Ditulis pada 18 Oktober 2012
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