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Rebecca F
1 kontribusi
Fab outdoor skatepark with great coaching
Des 2020 • Sendiri
Without roller derby for the foreseeable, I wanted to learn some basics on a skateboard to get back on wheels and learn something new. I did some 1-1 coaching and then an adult coached session also. All were fantastic and really well pitched to suit me. Can’t recommend the coaching there enough. I’d also highlight that I was quite nervous about being out and around people again after all the lockdown/isolation and coaches (David and Vic) were both really patient and supportive around this. I felt I could be a total beginner in a supportive space and other people attending the adult coached session were really warm and friendly too. I’d definitely go back when lockdown restrictions allow and would recommend it to others.
Ditulis pada 27 Februari 2021
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Jimmy Laine
Sheffield, UK3 kontribusi
Absolutely Terrible staff
Des 2020 • Teman
So let me set the scene for you. It’s a dark, damp and dismal Wednesday evening. I finish work at 5:00pm, my train is at 5:15pm - I make a run for the train filled with joy in my heart. Despite the fact my train is one and a half hours, excitement fuels me. I arrive to the Projects MCR skatepark. I’m checked in, the excitement begins.

Then, it happens.
Upon arrival, a friend whom I will call “Jerry” has told me he’s been ordered to leave. A friend whom I love dearly. I didn’t understand why they had to leave, but they left. I will not see this person again for weeks.

I’m met by someone I do not know, to be told he’s known as “V”. I don’t know who Vic is, I’ve never met him. I couldn’t tell you a thing about him.
He approaches me.

Act one;
“You shouldn’t be skating here” he says, with not a polite mannerism within his dialogue. “Why?” I ask? “Because I’m running a skate school over there”... he proceeds to point to the complete opposite side of the skatepark. Now, it wasn’t to my knowledge that a skate lesson was taking place, but maybe I was there to join the skate lesson? He would’ve had no idea.

He begins to barrage me with verbal abuse saying how I shouldn’t be in the park, to which I politely told him “I’ve paid £10.50 to be here, there’s no disclaimer on your website telling me that this was a “training only” session” which it does not appear on the website at all.

Not only was I insulted, but I’ve recently came back from a lengthy injury with my right knee. My confidence is low, and I feel nervous skating in front of people on a good day, let alone when I’m nursing a damaged ligament. 

He proceeds to try to order me around. Again, I don’t know this man. I have no bounds to this man and have no obligation to listen to this man whom is being so outrageously disrespectful to me. Again, this was my FIRST EVER SESSION AT THIS SKATEPARK ONLY TO BE GREETED BY SHEER DISREGARD AND DISRESPECT BY A MEMBER OF “STAFF”.

Act two;
A friend shows up, I will call them “Trevor” as I don’t want to give their names in this review. They’re met with the same lack of respect as I was. They where told “you are sponsored, you cannot skate here.” To which Trevor replied “I’ve not been sponsored for a long time, and what does that matter anyway”?
Comments where made back and fourth, Trevor defending his right to skate since he’s paid the full amount as we all have, and V continuing to issue verbal scrutinise Trevor - I’m appalled by this and decide to leave the area.

Act three;
I’m skating, enjoying myself. No issues have occurred for a while. I start to film a friend whom I will call “Emanuel Hadoné”. As we’re skating, minding our own business, who happens to reappear? That’s right, it was V, again he moves DIRECTLY in front of the area we are skating with NO DISREGARD to anyone using the area that they’ve PAID TO USE. He tells us we have to move, as he’s now using the area.

We move.

I COUNTED THIS FIRST HAND (on my iPhone really, tehe)
Three minutes and twenty one seconds later. He leaves the area. 

Was it a power trip? I don’t know. By this time I don’t f*****g care. I’m just fed up that I’ve spent £10.50 and wasted over an hour and a half getting to a skatepark that I felt so much verbal abuse while attending.

Throughout my session, I felt him staring at me. Gazing over me with his eyes, watching my every move. It made me nervous, I had to step aside at one point. I’ve never felt so much pressure at a skatepark in my entire life.

To this man, who I will simply call V, as that’s your first initial, whomever you may be. You’re terrible and you make people feel totally uncomfortable at the skate park. How you’re allowed to teach classes and project some form of positivity to others is completely bewildering to me. I would never let a child of mine or a family member attend any of your classes, ever. The way you made me feel (a 29 year old male) was absolutely disposable. Although this is my review, I don’t want to speak on behalf of others at the park when this happened, but you made at least 6 people feel disgusted. It was even posted on social media about how terrible the atmosphere was at the park, and this is coming from a group of people who’ve skated Adrenaline Alley in Corby. Have you ever skated Adrenaline Alley, V? It’s like you’re being held prisoner, the atmosphere can sometimes be so overwhelming you have to leave.

Well, that’s how you made me feel. I won’t be visiting the park again simply down to how you (not only) spoke to me, but how you spoke to 6 of my friends. I hope you sort this out, because this isn’t the first one I’ve heard of numerous complains from your park. If you wish to contact me, please don’t, unless it’s another member of staff that I can have a well informed conversation with. 

I hope you have a great new year and severely adjust your attitude before you lose even more of your clientele.

 Yours sincerely.
 Jimmy Laine.
Ditulis pada 1 Januari 2021
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Oliver East
1 kontribusi
Excellent tuition for beginners big and small
Des 2020
Both my son and I are beginners. Both coaches were very helpful and patient with my son and he is keen to return frequently. I am a nervous adult skater of little experience. The Wednesday evening sessions are great for gently pottering about with the occasional fall and zero judgment from the more accomplished skaters. I've been back at very opportunity since my first. A happy place to feel silly in.
Ditulis pada 27 Desember 2020
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Stockport, UK2 kontribusi
Great Staff
Nov 2020 • Keluarga
I have been coming to the park with my 9 year old for about a year now. The whole experience has been first class. Each and every coach and staff member are always polite, helpful and provide great support and coaching to my son: special mention to Vic and Elsie for their coaching sessions. Oh and the coffee and brownies are scrumptious. Hope the latest lockdown is temporary and doesn’t impact the park too much or for too long
Ditulis pada 2 November 2020
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Ruth B
Offerton, UK9 kontribusi
Amazing - what an awesome facility !
Agt 2020 • Keluarga
Super helpful staff ! Wonderful coffee in just perfect mugs ! Lol Most importantly friendly atmosphere . Came with my teen and her friend who just started skating in lockdown . Staff took the time to help them and the ramps are just brilliant for a beginner or improver . Split into 2 sections , one more flat with bumps and small ramps the other looks kore advanced ( sorry I’m new to the terminology ) Feel very blessed to have this like 30 min drive from our home . Highly highly recommend Parents ( bring a coat if your watching as it’s a bit breezy!)
Ditulis pada 20 Agustus 2020
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Sebastien Batty
1 kontribusi
Appalling staff outburst
Feb 2020
Absolutely disgusting staff behaviour. As I was asked to take my beverage out of skatepark bounds I obliged instantly. Incidentally, I left my jacket in the park so I went to retrieve it, Johnny Rose proceeded to violently confront me exclaiming off the top of his voice “What did I just f-ing say” he manhandled me out of the skatepark getting very upset. I asked what kind of customer service is this and he responded “You’re a pr*ck” “you’ve been coming here being a pr*ck for 5 years”. He then later came back and tried to apologise blaming this ridiculous outburst on a bad day. With the nature of this attack of character, I find that to be a poor excuse. There should be no tolerance for this un-hinged, ludicrous staff behaviour. Any more information needed please contact me at
Ditulis pada 14 Februari 2020
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Deborah C
Macclesfield, UK19 kontribusi
A must visit venue
Mei 2019 • Keluarga
If you have children; young or teens this is a fantastic place to go. Great cafe with friendly staff and outside the skatepark is brilliant. The coaches are really child focused and Sam is a delight. Cannot recommend this place enough. Reasonably priced, you can hire everything you need. They even make their own cakes!
Ditulis pada 9 Mei 2019
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Stockport, UK33 kontribusi
Skate and scooter park holiday club
Feb 2019 • Keluarga
Awesome venue, and really lucky to have this in Manchester. Have attended twice before and this Feb half term went for two days as my son’s love to scoot and have started developing an interest in skateboarding. The holiday club lasts for 3 hours and cost £15 for the session for both my son’s. All equipment is provided and coaches are present the whole time to teach. My boys loved it, and we will be returning again. Such a good idea to use space that would otherwise be a wasteground. Parking is limited, and the best way would be train to Piccadilly or bus from Stockport (think 192) would drop you close.
Ditulis pada 3 Maret 2019
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Johnny W
2 kontribusi
Brill place to visit
Des 2018 • Keluarga
We been coming here for nearly a year now. My 8 year son loves skateboarding and I can't imagine a better place to learn. The coaches are friendly and communicate really well with the kids. The whole environment feels friendly and safe.
Ditulis pada 29 Desember 2018
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Glossop, UK31 kontribusi
Agt 2018 • Keluarga
We visited as a birthday treat, really well organised. Coach was great boys loved the experience im sure we will be back Lovely onsite cafe for cake and coffees
Ditulis pada 22 Agustus 2018
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