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Andrea Cristina
Distrito Federal87 kontribusi
Nice place for chillout near Milan
Jul 2013 • Teman
Near Milano, in the city of Rescaldina it is a park with 3 levels of circuit :easy, medium and hard.
The easy one is mainly for young kids (I saw 11 year old going on medium), medium is for average adults and hard for those who like and/or are used to work out.
There are not many people in the organization, what can make things a little bit slow if the park is crowded. However, the three times I saw people in trouble, they were there in seconds.
The trails seemed very secure, the equipment new, and there´s a mini trail, done first, just to explain how to use the equipment.
There is a bar with cold drinks (what is very welcome after the trail) and some sanduiches, some tables for picnic and restrooms.
Ditulis pada 25 Juli 2013
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