Ziquejie Terrace National Scenic Resort

Ziquejie Terrace National Scenic Resort ulasan, Xinhua County

Ziquejie Terrace National Scenic Resort
Tempat Menarik & Tengara • Hutan • Formasi Geologi
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
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Bartosz K
6 kontribusi
Great place to experience rular China landscape.
Apr 2018 • Pasangan
One of the places to enjoy rice terraces in China. This is not a very turistic place, even for Chinese people. Lot of spots with amazing views but the impression depends on the season you came here. We were here in the beginning of april, a little bit too early, before the rice was planted. Whe lived in a hotel in Xinhua and reached Ziquejie with the early bus (7:20 am). The driver suggested us to live the bus at the topmost villages and walk down to Shuiche village. It was a good idea, we could enjoy the landscape from many different perspectives.
Ditulis pada 2 Juni 2018
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Ong T
Singapura, Singapura457 kontribusi
Ziquejie Terrace - Ti Tian
Apr 2016 • Pasangan
Depending on what your jouney start, it took me 3 and half hours from Changsa to reach this area. The scenary was nice but dont have the wow factor. My rating : you can skip
Ditulis pada 15 April 2016
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Toronto2 kontribusi
Very remote. Not advisable for non-Chinese tourist to venture.
Apr 2013 • Keluarga
I generally don't write reviews but since so little is written about this attraction I decided to write one to inform tourist who aren't native to China. This place is remote and very difficult to find, both our driver and tour guide indicated that they have never heard of this particular attraction in Hunan, but on the insistent of my Aunt we made our way to this rice paddy fields. My family hired a local driver from the Hunan province to drive us to various attractions around Hunan for two weeks. We started with Zhangjiajie National Park, made our way to Langshan National Park and from there to Ziquejie Terrace. The road from Langshan to Ziquejie Terrace was an extremely bumpy and rough ride, where our driver vowed never to drive to this attraction again. Also signage direction to this particular attraction were non-existent. For a lot of the popular Chinese attractions, there are generally signage to indicate the direction of the attraction when you are driving. We eventually reached Ziquejie but it was devoid of any tourist except for us. I must say its nice to visit a place with no crowds, but the journey to get to this particular rice paddy terrace wasn't worth it when there are more accessible fields in china. My family went during April when the fields weren't very green. If you feel you must go. Go during a time when the rice paddies are green and be prepare for a long bumpy ride.
Ditulis pada 6 Mei 2013
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