Forty Saints' Church

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Tucson, AZ80 kontribusi
"Beauty By The Lake"
Sep 2018 • Pasangan
The church is located on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo. The day we visited was a rainy day that allowed us to walk around the property alone and enjoy the scenery. The view of the lake is very peaceful and the grounds are immaculate. There is a boat marina adjacent to the property and the day we visited, the marina was filled with boats and the lake was empty of boats.

I was interested in the green color painted wroth iron pattern that was present in all the gates and fence sections. The cross pattern reminds me of a representation of a Pectoral Celtic Cross rather than an Eastern Christian style cross. The same cross pattern is also present in one external wall of the church under a window sill. The exterior of the church is painted in a traditional red shade with white trim. The onion domes are painted in a traditional green color. There are several painted scenes on the exterior of the church. A large exterior painting depicts the 40 Martyrs. The exterior of the church is in excellent condition. The church is worth a visit and you definitely should go inside. There are no photos allowed so you really have to enjoy the moment and take in what you see with you. The interior is simple in nature and did not overwhelm us. The plaque outside the main door carries the date 1755.
Ditulis pada 21 September 2018
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Nizhny Novgorod, Rusia58 kontribusi
Ancient architecture and astonishing natural beauty
Jul 2015 • Pasangan
Many other travelers have already reported how magnificent the church looks inside and from outside. I’m not going to repeat all what was said and can only reconfirm everything written before: this church is definitely the place you must visit.

A sign at the church entrance says that usage of mobile phones and cameras “is not blessed” inside. I’m convinced we must heed this recommendation. So scrutinize the iconostasis and other icons with your eyes and inner senses, wander on the embankment around the church, sit on a bench observing the Plescheyevo Lake. Like another information sign says, such repose on the bench is to promote thinking about soul and eternity.

I beg you to take my advice: leave your auto at the hotel and walk to the church instead. The first reason for abandoning your car is that the road is pretty narrow near the church and almost there is no place for parking vehicles. So respect real churchgoers and don’t block passage for other individuals. Secondly, if you go there on foot you’ll be rewarded with a great opportunity to see picturesque Trubezh River and its charming neigbourhood.

If you are absolutely addicted to your car, I still can recommend one tradeoff for you. There is a parking area 350 meters (1150 feet) short of the church. It’s located on the same Levaya Neberezhnaya Street (Left Bank of the River), right after the pedestrian bridge across the river. Don’t worry you won’t miss it.

Enjoy your visit to this place and think about making small donation to the church: I think they need funds to maintain all this beauty.
Ditulis pada 2 Agustus 2015
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