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Puerto Vallarta, Meksiko12 kontribusi
Mar 2022
I have been in the restaurant business for many years. Have also visited many of the restaurants in the Nuevo Vallarta area for many years as well.

This place has great food, great cocktails, a view of the ocean and ample parking.

Why the 1 star rating? Simply because of the attitude of the manager/waiter. We had been to this place a few years ago. We were hoping this guy had been replaced...nope!

He gives you the feeling that you are a "inconvenience." This kind of attitude is very unusal in the Mexican hospitality world.

The laughable part was when he gave us only one menu to be shared by the four of us. He blamed that gesture on Covid. Seems every cheap or stupid gesture these days is blamed on covid.

My wife asked to "pay" for the other 3 menus. Then of course he delivered.
Two of my guests had not been here before. They were surprised as well by this cocky ass attitude.

You know the old saying about how most people never say or question this kind of attitude in front of others, but they also never come back.

As I mentioned it has been a few years since we visited this place. It will be a few more years before we return.

There are many great restaurants in the Nuevo Vallarta area run by people who appreciate your business. No one has to put up with this "gringo type" attitude at this place.

If you hate your job, move on, don't expose you stupid excuses to the public as it makes you and your team look like a joke.

The old saying about "the customer is always right" doesn't apply here.
Ditulis pada 19 Maret 2022
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Minneapolis, MN180 kontribusi
Feb 2022
As far as I can understand, Sabal Playa Beach Club, pretty much relies on cruise ship business from Monday to Friday, so trying to book a visit during this time might be difficult and their website is very unclear. We live in a private condo on Flamingos beach, about 500 meters from Sabal and walk past the club almost everyday when we walk the beach at low tide. Well today my wife said lets find out about the club as we have heard they have a very nice BBQ on Thursday evenings. We walked up from the beach and spoke with the staff and they gave us the information on how to make a reservation and then asked us if we will be staying for lunch today and we said not today but we will make a reservation for next Thursday; at this they responded well then you cannot walk back to the beach through the club as this might disturb our private guests. I said do you mean to say we can walk up from the beach to discuss how to make a reservation, but unless we have lunch today we cannot walk back through the club to the beach? Yes that’s correct as it is a private club and it cost money to be here and it may also disturb our guests. There is not too much you can say about this kind of arrogance is there?
Ditulis pada 10 Februari 2022
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Ajijic, Meksiko32 kontribusi
Nov 2021 • Pasangan
Sabal Beach Club is a intimate beach club catering to adults. Reservations are required due to COVID. No loud music, no swim up bars, no hoards of people or vendors and very secure. When we arrived I counted enough places to sit for 12 couples. Each couples area is provided with 2 padded loungers, 2 tables and lots of Shade.
All drinks and food is brought to you. Bathrooms are super clean. Lovely outdoor restaurant to dine if you desire. The food was presented on a wooden tray. Yes, it is a little pricey. You pay for the entrance fee separate from your food and bar bill. The infinity pool was deliciously refreshing and very clean. The beach is located near and crashing waves is heard as you relax on your padded lounger. We are so pleased we found Sabal Playa Beach Club.
Ditulis pada 18 November 2021
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Tucson, AZ29 kontribusi
Okt 2021 • Pasangan
Went to this private beach club as a shore excursion. Pool and beach were very nice but waves to rough to swim in the ocean that day. Food & drinks were good but expensive, especially since you are not allowed to even bring your own water without paying an extra fee. Excursion keeps you there in the hot sun long enough (5 hours) that you have no choice but to order something. Will do all-inclusive resort next time to avoid hidden costs.
Ditulis pada 30 Oktober 2021
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Seattle, WA2 kontribusi
Des 2020
I really wanted to give this place five stars, but unfortunately they scammed us. So please BEWARE!!!!!!
They sold us a package for $250 USD for 20 visits and told us we could bring unlimited amount of guests each visit. However, after 6 visits they informed me that I only had 2 visits left. I was super confused and that’s when they explained to me that I actually purchased 20 “passes.”One pass per each guest. So initially they misinformed me and instead of trying to fix the problem they just blamed me for misunderstanding. How convenient.
I actually called them 2 times to double check what exactly was included in this deal and both time they said: “you get 20 visits (please note, they didn’t say 20 passes) and every visit we could bring unlimited amount of guests.” It was very clear and honestly it is very hard to misinterpret.
We felt ripped off and left the place very upset and disappointed. We will not be going back there for sure.
David, MOD at the time of this incident, said that the girl I spoke with meant 20 passes not 20 visits and I would believe it but she gave me exact same information twice over the phone, so there was no misunderstanding it was a SCAM.
SHAME on them for treating their customers who came to support them during these very difficult times so poorly and so unfairly. Unacceptable and very unprofessional.
I hope ownership will take this incident into consideration and invest in proper training of their staff so they won’t be giving deceiving information.

Ditulis pada 6 Desember 2020
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Taunton, UK35 kontribusi
Mar 2020
Chose this trip as it offered a relaxing day in the sun. The drive from the port was about 30 mins with some things to view from the coach on the way.

The resort exceeded our expectations modern, clean and with friendly welcoming staff. Food and drink was varied, good quality, well priced and served to our lounger.
Massage (at very reasonable extra cost) was the best we had ever had!!!
Infinity pool was warm and not over crowded. Beach was nice and sea safe for swimming but at the beginning of March not as inviting as the pool.
Would recommend this trip.
Ditulis pada 18 April 2020
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Calgary, Kanada109 kontribusi
Feb 2020
Hard to find. Taxi had to ask 2 different workers along the way where it was even though we had shown him the address. Took about 20 min there, 15 min back to the port. It was a great day spent from the cruise port. Place was clean. Washrooms great. Chairs comfy. Poolwarm and decent size. Beach walk good either direction. Ocean a bit rough but ok. Not too cold for a swim. Sand good. No garbage, no seaweeed, no bugs. We went on our own not the cruise ship excursion as they left ship early and left early so we wanted mor flexibility. 400 pesos for the pass. Included a towel. Taxi 300 pesos there 250 back plus tip. We tipped 100pesos each direction. . At the port the taxi que tried to get us to pay 750 pesos then 500 one way. Don’t take that price. Finally found a fair price. We found the place busy and priority was given to the cruise tour ppl. We were very forgotten do any needs. That was disappointing although we understood they were trying to build a cruise access. Being we found them on our won we felt we should have been treated better. We enjoyed our private time. Easy access to pool and beach. We didn’t eat there so can’t comment on food.
Ditulis pada 6 Maret 2020
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Brampton, Ontario, Canada2 kontribusi
Feb 2020 • Teman
We’ve been here twice for beach days and once for the Thursday BBQ. FANTASTIC place. Shout out to David and team for great service, the BBQ was way beyond expectations!

Ditulis pada 13 Februari 2020
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Josh M
Chicago, IL6 kontribusi
Des 2019
Sabal Beach Club is a great day trip! It was definitely not easy to find via uber, as everyone in our party got dropped off at a different area, some had to walk 20 minutes to get there (their uber dropped them off and left, and they realized they weren't at the right location, had to walk). There was a very large group of us (around 25+ people). It can get pretty packed when there are cruise ships in town, but we didn't ever feel as if it was crowded. There was 1 server for all 50ish people that were there for the day, which was unfortunate for her that there wasn't anyone else there to help her. Her name was Jessica and she was great. The infinity pool was relaxing. The ocean did have a strong current to it but we were in it anyway (not strong enough to keep you out of it, but just be aware of it). There is a decent sized food menu to choose from, and of course drinks. There was lots of construction noise from the complex they are building next door, but we embraced it and had a great time.
Ditulis pada 7 Desember 2019
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2 kontribusi
Okt 2019 • Keluarga
This is a building with a negative edge pool & attached to it's own small bar & restaurant.

The pros: small enough that if the cruise line doesn't over book this excursion everyone can grab a lounge chair. We were given 4 hours to enjoy this area(plenty of time). Beach is clean, may have a undertow so I would carefully watch any young ones entering the ocean. Beach vendors don't harass you as usual as long as you stay on the poolside and off the sand. Otherwise, when security has their head turn they do walk into the resort area roped off Sandy Beach area. There are restrooms and change areas. Husband and I enjoyed a 45 minute massage near the beach with the girls on site and they were excellent $35.

Sand is coarse and hot, bring your water shoes. I wanted to walk up and down the beach but it was very difficult and rough on the feet so I didn't. they charge for water and towels so make sure to bring your towels with you. You CAN'T bring your own water or they'll charge you for it. Lunch was decent, ordered the chicken quesadilla, and fish and shrimp taco. I wouldn't order the taco and shrimp play it again because they were fried and blue tortillas were tough. Bill came to approx 30 w tip.
Construction immediately next door which is a eyesore is constant and you have to really focus to tune out the hammering, grinding and drilling going on.

In all I did enjoy my 4 hours there but was ready to go when time was up. We went on this excursion because it was a last-minute offer at a discount for $30 per person it was surely well worth it, going off the ship and getting away from the mass crowds for a short while. I don't think I would spend the usual $90 per person for this trip if that's what they normally charge?!?
Ditulis pada 6 Oktober 2019
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