Tianshan Grand Canyon

Tianshan Grand Canyon ulasan, Urumqi County

Tianshan Grand Canyon

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Kuala Lumpur23 kontribusi
Tiashan Grand Canyon
Okt 2019
Spectacular views. We managed to walk almost 2 km right into the canyon and enjoyed the views and took alot of very beautiful photos.
Ditulis pada 31 Oktober 2019
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Stephen C
1.055 kontribusi
Awesome canyon views only 45 minutes from Urumqi downtown
Sep 2018 • Pasangan
We only have one day in Urumqi so I have to be very selective with how we spend it. Consulted a local colleague who is from Xinjiang and she recommended this place over the Tianshan lake.

Boy did i not regret. Park admission that includes the shuttle bus rides is 110 RMB per person. It starts with a scenic bus ride along a man-made stream that connects to the Urumqi Olympics village. You should stay awake for the ride as the view of lakes and mountains is breathtaking.

We then got off at Tianhu drop off point to commence a 5km walk to the next bus point. For those preferring not to walk, they can take the same bus back to the tourist center.

I would rate this place over Tianshan lake as the scenery is awesome and it is less crowded.
Ditulis pada 22 September 2018
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Les H
Pittsburgh, PA38 kontribusi
Only saw the entrance area but the scenery was nice...
Jun 2017 • Keluarga
While in Urumqi with wife and 12 yr old daughter visiting wife's family and friends, we were driven here (about 45 minutes out of the city) to check it out. After clearing security at the visitor center and getting our ticket, we boarded a shuttle for a 10-15 minute ride along the river (where work was ongoing), through another security checkpoint, to a drop off area. During the ride we got a briefing by a worker, all in Chinese, apparently about the area/attraction. We were dropped by the shuttle just inside the mountain area where there was a restaurant, gift shop, first aid building, and some other buildings. There were some (yurts?) along the hills on the way but we didn't see any activity around them. We walked along the river for about 1/2-1 km into the mountains, taking pictures of the river/waterfalls (man-made?) and the scenery. There was another checkpoint a few hundred yards along where a security guard let some vehicles through (apparently you could drive in... additional cost?). We saw other people walking along the road into the mountains, but after an hour or so we decided to leave. On the way out we had a free lunch (included with ticket) at the open air restaurant area... I think it was either noodles or rice with lamb cooked on an open grill. We saw perhaps 30 other visitors walking around while we were there... not very crowded on a cool mid-morning at the beginning of June. The large parking areas at the entrance and at the shuttle drop were practically empty. I don't recall the cost of the tickets, but I'm thinking they were 100-200 CNY ($15-30). It was beautiful scenery, but I wish we had gone on into and up the mountains. Note security here, in Urumqi, and in Xinjiang was very heavy... there were police checkpoints on highways, and X-ray machines and metal detectors along with security guards were common in the hotels, restaurants, and attractions we went to. Walled compounds (hotel and residential) and parking lots had restricted access through gated entrances with security guards.
Ditulis pada 6 September 2017
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Shanghai, Cina2.398 kontribusi
Great place to enjoy nature ...
Okt 2013 • Keluarga
We did enjoy very much the hours we spent at Tianshan Grand Canyon - although we took the shuttle bus inside of the natural reserve, we realized that taking the own car enables you to stop at a lot of more interesting spots on the way up the mountain. Unfortunately, the lake on top of the mountain is rather polluted, however, for peope enjoying nature, the overall park is a great place to be.
Ditulis pada 5 Oktober 2013
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Perth, Australia226 kontribusi
Nanshan's Best
Apr 2013 • Teman
If you only do one trip to the Southern Pastures or Nan Shan, make it this one. Park just below the Pass or Heavenly Gate, and climb the hilltops. Then go eat at the Uighur/Kazhak yurts/gers.

The horse riding is fixed price and not so much fun to be led by a guy walking, but what can you do?

Look out for the Nanshan Beacon on the way there.
Ditulis pada 11 September 2013
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