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Bar Pasticceria Ginetti Eboli
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Anton F
New York City, NY435 kontribusi
Mei 2013 • Teman
I was at the Ristorante Ginetti for Dinner and when it came to the dessert, delicious, we were told that they were produced by the owner's brother in town, the Bar Pasticceria Ginetti. Since we had a birthday the day after, we decided to go there and order a cake for the occasion. Well, we ordered two instead. At the counter we were treated to an espresso and a babà and the owner who happened to be there, invited us to see how the pastries are produced.
In the lab, he himself and 2 assistant were in the process of taking many babàs out of the oven. Well, it was a sea of babàs, never sees so many freshly coming out of the oven.
Anyway, we wanted to order a cake but we took 2 instead: a fantastic looking Pistachio and ricotta cake and a Torta Primavera. The first one was for the Birthday the day after and I have to tell you I never tasted such a delicious cake in my life, and the other, which friends had recommended to me was to indulge and sin over it. We picked them up later on our way back from our excursion and I have to tell you that at the birthday feast, everyone was drooling over them. It was very worthy of the detour for them. I just wish we had something similar in New York.
Ditulis pada 26 Mei 2013
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