Saunadorf Roetgen Therme
Saunadorf Roetgen Therme
11:00 - 22:00
11:00 - 22:00
11:00 - 22:00
11:00 - 22:00
11:00 - 00:00
11:00 - 00:00
10:00 - 22:00
Durasi: Lebih dari 3 jam
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4,0 dari 5 lingkaran155 ulasan
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Frankfurt, Jerman6 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Des 2019
Great outdoor area with hot water pool and several saunas with professional and regular 'Aufguss' make it a pleasant stay. The restaurant/brasserie has a good menu. I stayed in the guesthouse, which is opposite of the spa. The breakfast buffet was ample and diverse.
Ditulis pada 1 Januari 2020
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Cairns, Australia299 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Agu 2019 • Sendiri
To have the saunas and Therme after the 1st day hike of the Eifelsteig was heaven for me. I live in Australia and really miss saunas. I also stayed in the hotel and go to the sauna as often as I liked. Staff was really helpful and friendly. All was super clean and dinner/breakfast were also plenty and great. Highly recommended.
Ditulis pada 4 Agustus 2019
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Anders B
Brussels, Belgia50 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Nov 2017 • Pasangan
Great spa, not the largest but it offers what you need. Nice atmosphere. Several saunas and indoor and outdoor pool. Good food in the restaurant.
Ditulis pada 20 November 2017
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St. Petersburg, Rusia1 kontribusi
4,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Mar 2016 • Keluarga
A lot of emotional reviews of the place are quite misleading and not giving clear vision of the place.
This is a fairly small and compact place without costly entertainment attractions (waterfalls, rivers etc.). But all necessary facilities (7 different saunas, jaquzzy, heated indoor and outdoor pools each of about 15 m size, ice generators, relaxation rooms etc) are available. The complex is not new, but reasonably well maintained and fully functional.
The place is of easy naturist style with co-ed locker rooms and showers, swimsuits are of no use.
Most of the clients are "locals" from Germany and Belgium, most from 35 to 60, reserved and polite.
The place is kid-friendly (however, no discounts). Reasonable bar-bistro on-site.

Good place for a short stop while going to Monschau historical village, does not worth special trip. Good and free parking facilities, a lot of space available.
Ditulis pada 25 Maret 2016
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Nicky P
Brighton, UK8 kontribusi
3,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Mei 2015 • Pasangan
We weren't sure what to expect when we visited the Roetgen Sauna complex as we had read a review saying that an increasing number of guests were wearing swimming costumes there. Thankfully there were no signs of swimming costumes on the days that we visited! In fact our experience of German saunas complexes is that whilst some request that a towel or robe is worn when not in the pools/sauna or sunbathing, others are happy for guests to either cover up or adopt a more naturist approach and it seemed to us that Roetgen fell into the latter category.

First impressions weren't that great - slightly dingy locker room, lockers secured by keys (with purchases recorded on a piece of paper) rather than the more usual electronic bracelet. But there were things that we liked - mixed sex locker room and showers, indoor and outdoor pools, good range of saunas and huge garden for sunbathing.

Overall, we probably wouldn't make a big detour to return but would go back if we were in the area.
Ditulis pada 10 Juli 2015
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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK76 kontribusi
2,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Apr 2014 • Pasangan
The Roetgen-Therme hotel was the second on our Eifelsteig tour. We had great expectations of this hotel but were greatly disappointed. It seems that accommodating walking guests is just a sideline as this is mainly a spa hotel. It also seems to operate as a club for non-residents as there was much coming and going in the bar/reception area. In order to eat in the main restaurant it is necessary to wear a bathrobe so we paid €5.50 each in order to do this. The bathrobes were old, very worn and much too short! It was a bit of a novelty for us to go to dinner dressed in this way and so I took a "selfie" of myself and my partner soon after we had taken a seat in the restaurant. A young male member of staff then came and sat down and began to talk very seriously. I did not understand what he was saying so asked my German partner what the problem was. The young man then changed to English and told me photography was not allowed. We had not seen the sign, which in any case is on the door leading to the spa area and is rather misleading, so apologised. This however was not enough for this over-zealous young man and I was told to delete my photo. I showed him the photo, which quite clearly was of me and my partner alone, not even the background was visible behind our faces! He still insisted on it being deleted and when I asked why he said that it was not allowed. I refused to delete the photo and told him again I had not seen the sign, but now that I was aware of the rule I would not take any more. He was not happy about this but eventually he backed down. His manner was totally unnecessary, the evening for us was spoiled and we left the restaurant, changed into normal clothes and ate in the small reception area. My partner ordered beer to go with his meal but I asked for tap water. This was charged at €1.70 per glass! We queried this and it was somewhat reluctantly removed from the bill.
We were not made to feel welcome at all in this hotel apart from the nice young lady who served our dinner. The room was very basic and the shower positively dangerous with a very slippy floor. I would definitely not recommend it!
Ditulis pada 22 April 2014
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71 kontribusi
4,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Jul 2012 • Pasangan
keen_commander review is quite complete about the spa, not much has changed since 2011 except maybe that now they have 3 times a day honey treatment instead of 2 :).

after trying the carolus thermen in Aachen for few times, I thought to check the Roetgen therme. So my review here is more about comparing those two spas.
* the first thing to note is the price, I consider both to be bargain for one day spa, but the Carolus will charge 30euros per day whereas the Roetgen will charge 20.4 euros (16.4 if you are a student, and 12.4 on Tuesdays (student)!).
* Carolus has 15 spas with many activities (every half an hour), whereas Roetgen has (only) 7 spas with activities each one hour. The pools in Roetgen smell strongly of chlorine, which is not the case in Carolus. In Roetgen you have a big area outside for sunbathing whereas in Carolus this area is quite limited.
* Carolus seemed to me more maintained and organized, but perhaps this is a personal feeling
* the atmosphere in Carolus seemed more relaxed, and my gf complained about people staring at her in Roetgen, but I read reviews claiming exactly the opposite, so this matter might just be a day, weather or mood dependent.
* Roetgen has less visitors, but I didn't have a feeling it is less/more crowded than Carolus, I visited both on Sundays...
* Carolus is textile free as soon as you enter the spa area, which is not the case for Roetgen.
* Carolus is smoking free, whereas it is allowed to smoke in Roetgen in the sunbathing area, but the smoke didn't seem to reach the restaurant or the pool area...

Arriving to Roetgen thermen (Roetgen Bahnhof stop) is quite easy from Aachen using bus SB63 from the Bushof or the Hbf which takes around 30 minutes (68 bus is another option but then the ride takes around 1 hour, this bus is mainly useful if returning back at night).
Ditulis pada 23 Juli 2012
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Zurich, Swiss33 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
The facilities consist of a couple of saunas indoor and outdoor, a Spa, a restaurant and a hotel. First of all, if you do neither enjoy going to the sauna nor to the pool naked then this is the wrong place. Yet, it is also not a nudist camp. It is simply not allowed to enter the sauna or pools with swimming suits but you may of course wear a bath robe when walking around or entering the restaurant (where it is actually required).
The biggest plus is that the facilities are not overcrowded like in the large Spas as, for example, the Carolus thermen in Aachen. The place is a bit off the city, but if you are looking for a place where you can perfectly relax, this is the right place. There are also some nice hiking trails in the area. Especially a trip to the Hautes Fagnes is recommendable.
Besides a chrystal salt sauna, the oxygen sauna and the "Eifeler Schwitzhütte" are a nice experience - the latter with fir branches on the floor that provide a nice smell. There is one large sauna where they do infusions three times a day. During the moonlight specials you may also experience a tarmac infusion - that was really some extraordinary event. In the steam bath they do a honey treatment twice a day. After sauna there are some cold water showers and bassins as well as an ice machine outside.
There are three pools. The outdoor pool has salty water with under water music. Great for hanging around after a sauna treatment. One of the indoor pools has a large jacuzi. If you want to rest for a while you can do so in the quiet areas. In the summer also outside with hammocks.
The Spa was newly built in 2011. Good massages and other treatments. They do offer combined sauna and Spa packages.
Food and drinks in the restaurant are good and not overpriced. The staff is friendly and helpful and makes you feel welcome at all time. You should not expect that the facilities are in perfect conditions (you are in the Eifel, after all) but are well maintained and not worn down. So far it was always a great experience and worth the money.
Ditulis pada 29 Desember 2011
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Verviers, Belgia1 kontribusi
1,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Des 2023 • Pasangan
We have been going to the Roetgentherme for 30 years. We were always satisfied up until now, but what is going on there now is completely unacceptable. Very unfriendly at reception and infusions are being cancelled. Incompetent staff at the infusion, very poorly done and unfriendly. When paying, there is no longer a gift in the form of a day pass for the summer. When I asked, I was told that after 30 years it was time to do away with this. The customer is no longer worth anything. We really have to think about whether we should look for another sauna after more than 30 years.
Ditulis pada 1 Januari 2024
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1,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Nov 2023 • Keluarga
We visited this sauna on Sunday November 23.
The sauna was okay for the money.
But watch out; they have a special revenue model.
They give you a wristband that is so short that you cannot secure the band properly in the buckle.
The result for us was that the band fell off my wrist.
My wife reported this to a woman in charge, perhaps the owner, and she told us in a rather grumpy tone (certainly eating too much sauerkraut), that if we did not find the tire, we would have to pay Euro 30.
We couldn't find the band anymore and we reported it to the receptionist who could see that no one else on our band had ordered anything.
He gave us a new wristband so we could eat.
At the end of our sauna session we went to pay with the same receptionist, who kindly helped us.
But then the same woman came along again and said in a grumpy tone that we had to pay 20.00 Euro for the tape.
And she repeated several times: "rules are rules";
You wouldn't expect such a statement from a German in this day and age, would you? Gives a nasty taste.
Even after the discussion about the defective strap, she maintained her position that we had to pay for it.
Finally she said I could give my phone number and if the tape was found she would call me and I could pick it up.
Then I said that wouldn't be possible, because we live in the Netherlands.
And after some discussion about this, she said she would then deposit it.
The hostess of our rented apartment called the sauna and even drove by to ask if the strap had been found.
So no, after 2 weeks; unimaginable, an orange band.
But then again, we didn't expect her to call me, even if the tape was found.
It's a nice extra income.

The service, with the exception of the woman mentioned above, was friendly; food was also good.
The infusions were very short; 7 minutes.
The first 3 infusions were done by the same grumpy woman, who then quickly threw the water on the sauna, and even during the last infusion, threw 2 (of the 3) buckets on the sauna at once, without a spoon.
When someone complained about this, she said that she actually knew where to throw; ridiculous.
She also commented several times about guests who were sitting on the bottom bench and were still wearing their slippers.
They were then given their due in front of the public.
It was noted that the mats on the floor were so hot that there was certainly a risk of burning them.
Fortunately, we received a different infusion for the last infusion.
And, as it should be, he took the time to pour the water with a spoon.
And it had even nicer music too.
In short, it's a shame that 1 woman can ruin a nice sauna visit like that.
Ditulis pada 12 Desember 2023
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