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Asiyah Noemi K
Pula, Kroasia4.470 kontribusi
Wonderful place for a relax and fun
Nov 2019
Arriving at this beautiful beach, we can enjoy the golden sand and calm sea thanks to the breakwater. It is wonderful to walk along the coast in the morning and watch the sun rise above the Adriatic Sea. This beach offers at the same time peace and relax and on the other hand a lot of fun. By choice. In Viserba and this part of the coast until 1885 there were only sand dunes, spontaneous vegetation and several fishing huts. It was Bologna engineer Giambattista Bavassano who fell in love with the place and promoted the development of Viserba. Together with local entrepreneurs, including Sante Polazzi to whom one of Viserba's main streets is still dedicated, he built numerous villas for the "Lord" that we can still admire here and there. In the post-war period, small fishing villages continued to grow, numerous hotels and guesthouses were born and developed, mythical places such as the Villa dei Pini and the Ceschi Garden brought international music and entertainment personalities to Viserba. Now the beach is extremely well organized in terms of parasols, sunbeds, bars, restaurants and, very importantly, everything is extremely clean. It is possible to practice all kinds of sports, especially the curious and innovative ones, such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, beach soccer, beach basketball. There are sailing, wind and kite surfing clubs offering lessons and equipment.
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