Crociera Romantica
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10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
Monte Argentario, Tuscany, Italia

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Crociera Romantica
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robert f
1 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Apr 2024 • Teman
Fabio and his wife Roberta are spectacular hosts. We took a 5 hour boating cruise along the coast on April 8th. We were very fortunate with beautiful weather and calm seas. Fabio took us into a couple of caves along the coast, prepared a beautiful lunch, and was all around lovely host.
Ditulis pada 16 April 2024
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Elisa C
Valmontone, Italia28 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Agu 2023 • Pasangan
We arrived at Porto Galeria (Porto Ercole) around 5.30pm, obviously without my knowledge, but everything was organized by my boyfriend, and waiting for us was a super friendly Fabio with his magnificent Sirius yacht. He and Roberta got us on board, made us feel comfortable and accompanied us to the sofa in the bow. We set sail for the Ansedonia caves. Once we arrived in Ansedonia, my boyfriend and I dived in and Fabio, on board his tender, guided us into 2 caves, very beautiful and characteristic especially for the light that filtered inside making the water bright. After taking a nice bath, we got back on board, rinsed off with the shower and had an aperitif with a bottle of prosecco and snacks. We changed in the galley and set off to return to port. As soon as we exited the cave gulf, there was a breathtaking sunset waiting for us which accompanied us throughout the entire return journey. Just before returning we stopped and I received my marriage PROPOSAL, the most beautiful proposal that could exist (better than the movies), with the colors of the sunset that were slowly disappearing and wonderful music in the background. That emotion led us to dance on that magnificent yacht, but waiting for us at the stern was a candlelit dinner based on fish (starter: seafood salad, first course: calamarata with mackerel and organic cherry tomatoes, second course: grilled of salmon and prawns, side dish, dessert) and to finish off with a nice bottle of Champagne. We had dinner by candlelight, with background music over the sea lulling us and a giant moon rising before our eyes. After dinner we returned to port. I must say it was a real dream, magic. First of all I thank my future husband, but I also thank Fabio and Roberta a thousand times who are very kind and friendly people who made us spend a wonderful evening in the Argentario. I highly recommend you rely on them, so that you too can experience a magical and unique experience like this.
Ditulis pada 7 September 2023
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Grazie per la bellissima recensione, ma soprattutto per i tanti dettagli. Non capita spesso di voler raccontare in una recensione i piccoli particolari pratici, le emozioni provate... molti vi ringrazieranno, la vostra recensione sarà certamente utile a chi non ci conosce ancora e vuole capire cosa facciamo, soprattutto come lo facciamo... non sempre è facile decidere a chi affidarsi per un compleanno, un anniversario o un fidanzamento o per una "semplice... " gita in barca. I confronti che sempre si fanno sono difficili, spesso non si hanno semplicemente informazioni, ne dagli operatori, ne dalle recensioni. Il vostro resoconto dettagliato aiuterà chi si affida a trip advisor per decidere a chi affidarsi per una uscita in barca, inoltre ci rende molto orgogliosi del nostro servizio e seppure non si diventi ricchi con questa attività, almeno ci arricchiamo ogni volta di nuovi amici. Grazie davvero ❤️ Fabio & Roberta.
Ditulis pada 30 September 2023
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Zagarolo, Italia4 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Agu 2023 • Pasangan
…A few months ago, I was looking for a particular experience - involving the sea - to give to my husband…
... Browsing the internet, I stumbled upon Fabio and his wife's page and I immediately realized I had found the right opportunity!
Anyone who knows me knows how much I suffer from the idea of going out into the open sea, fearing it a lot, but their proposals immediately seemed very interesting, so I wanted to give faith to that wonderful feeling that the internet page had already sent me back and... .I did really well!
Fabio and his wife were simply EXCEPTIONAL, there is no better word to describe their skill, professionalism, competence, and above all... their heart, the passion they put into carrying out their work... and which they also manage to instill to those who, like me, are terrified of getting close to high water.
Needless to say, how excited my husband was when the boat set off towards the Ansedonia Promontory - towards the caves and the point where we stopped to let my husband take a beautiful swim in the crystal clear waters!
Unfortunately the sea was not completely calm, and this convinced Fabio - prudently - to return towards the port of Cala Galera to stop in a small bay where my husband and I were able to enjoy a wonderfully organized aperitif, while the sun was setting behind the hill.
In short, we will never forget what we experienced that day... Fabio and his wife's stories of experiences at sea, the description of the views, the eyes full of love towards their work... all of this is something that truly remains in life, and which makes you want to get back on board Sirius again as soon as possible!!
Thanks so much to both of you, I recommend an experience like this to everyone...
Ditulis pada 10 Agustus 2023
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Siamo animali terrestri, il mare non è per tutti, è scomodo, faticoso, è sempre in movimento e quando le sue onde si fanno grandi, fa paura. Ma la paura viene dalla mancanza di conoscenza dei meccanismi che regolano l'acqua, il vento, le barche... Dopo tanti anni in mare tutto ciò mi affascina ancora e passare anche poche ore insieme a noi, a bordo di Sirius, vi ha permesso di assorbire la nostra grande passione. Noi invece abbiamo trovato due nuovi amici, parlando di voi, della musica e dei vostri progetti. Non è stata una gita in barca è stata una esperienza di vita. La prossima volta prepara i braccioli... si fa il bagno... ❤️
Ditulis pada 10 Agustus 2023
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Crociera Romantica (Monte Argentario, Italia) - Review - Tripadvisor

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