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Bill S
Big Bear Lake, CA2.143 kontribusi
Amazing Views
Sep 2021
Hit or miss on the weather because it changes fast being that close to the Pacific Ocean. Great views of Lake Shikotsu as well. Interesting hiking an active volcano. Lots of signs warning you of the fumes if the wind changes direction and what to do. Well maintained trail with many steps at the beginning. Trail starts to become less steep as you reach the crater and even levels off in some places. You can smell, see and hear the vents pushing out the white smoke. Very beautiful once inside the crater like a different world. Well worth the hike, this was my second time and the weather was perfect. No bugs in September but I could see it being very buggy in Summer.
Ditulis pada 15 September 2021
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Singapura, Singapura58 kontribusi
Great but steep ascend, lots of flies during summer!
Jun 2018 • Pasangan
The trail starts from the parking area and takes about 50 minutes one way at normal speed. Despite it being a 1 km ascend, the trail is fairly steep and about 40% of it is on loose gravel/stones so you will need proper hiking shoes. Me and the wife did the climb during summer and there were lots and lots and lots of flies, so be sure you wear the appropriate gear as well! The view on top is magnificent and well worth our time. Definitely recommend you check it out!
Ditulis pada 9 Juni 2018
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Singapura, Singapura13 kontribusi
Beautiful view and gear helps
Jul 2015 • Pasangan
We rented a car and drove to the parking lot. As mentioned in the earlier posts, the toilet is what you would expect in national parks; flies, smell etc.

The trail starts inside some dense bushes where you would have to squeeze through some the vegetation sometimes. On the contrary to what others have mentioned,I do not think that the trail is well maintained(in comparison to Kurodake). The trail is well worn such that the wooden steps become hurdles rather than steps as the soil has eroded. However, this portion of the trail is still easy to manage.

Eventually the hike opens up to the gravel path up the mountain. I'm not sure if we took the same path as the others, but the gravel path was not easy to ascend as there were plenty of loose rocks along the steep climb and my girlfriend was struggling to climb up the gravel path with walking shoes(we had no poles and the path doesnt have any steps). I would recommend some proper hiking shoes and poles to ascend the gravel path.

When you reach the top, you're greeted by a beautiful view of a smoking volcano straight ahead in the distance and there are two trails to take from the top. I didnt have enough time to check out the trails as we planned a total of 3 hours for the hike.

The view was worth it and I recommend checking it out. However, i do recommend you equip yourself with some hiking shoes and poles.there's no water on the trail so bring enough for the hike. As recommended by the other reviewer, 4-5hours should be sufficient.
Ditulis pada 9 Juli 2015
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Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan1 kontribusi
Breathtaking View!
Agt 2014 • Teman
I was so touched beyond words!
We took a trekking & hot spa tour at Mt. Tarumae not so far from Sapporo.
I was refreshed and relieved of daily stress in the great view with fresh air.
This bus company is pretty famous in Hokkaido, dealing with various interesting transportation & unique tours. They also have English speakers, no worry for communication! You should call and ask them! I’m sure you’ll get 100% of satisfaction!
Ditulis pada 16 Agustus 2014
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Lethbridge, Kanada304 kontribusi
Amazing hike
Jul 2014 • Pasangan
Of the several hikes that we did in Hokkaido, this was perhaps the easiest and still one of the most impressive. We did not have a car and were staying in Sapporo, so we booked a day hike through Hokkaido Experience. Because we were the only people booked, we had a private trip with two guides and a driver for Y20,000 (total). The hike is straight up, but on a well maintained trail that is easy to follow and with spectacular views back down to Lake Shikotsu. Once at the top, you see the impressive lava dome and then there are a series of ridge trails. We followed along part of it to a shrine, had some lunch, took lots of photos and then headed back down so that we could go to one of the local onsens before driving back to Sapporo. It was a perfect day trip and I highly recommend it.
Ditulis pada 14 Agustus 2014
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Tokyo1.846 kontribusi
Should be great trekking outing
Jul 2014 • Pasangan
(July-2014) Too bad, nature caught me in bad timing, no way I could trek, besides, we did not have proper trekking gadgets. I was just thinking of taking a short walk up to see panoama view. Do check weather carefully, looks like a nice nature trekking. Public toilet at the parking area has bees and insects flying around, be careful. No paper is available. Not sure whether if it was because of season or not, but do watch out. We think it is better to spare about 4-5 hours for this outing. Be sure to bring along snacks, food and drink.

Parking is limited and tends to get a queue on weekend. It seems fine to park at 5th level where space is available but walk up the untarred road, takes 40 minutes. I saw a family of 5 including a child, less than 7 years old going on the trek also. :-) Should be nice day out with proper gadgets.
Ditulis pada 10 Juli 2014
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Doug C
Brisbane, Australia8 kontribusi
Mt Tarumae- a pleasant surprise
Jul 2012 • Pasangan
We visited on a weekday afternoon and there were few other walkers. The usual bear warnings apply in this area. The climb to the crater is initially in thick vegetation but opens up and provides splendid views of the surrounding landscape and the volcano itself. The track requires a good degree of fitness and sturdy footwear (track is stony in parts). We used a hire car to get to Mt Tarumae.
N.B. Mt Tarumae is an active volcano and the road into the car park is unmade.
Ditulis pada 3 November 2012
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