CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort

CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort ulasan, Santa Coloma de Farners

CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort

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gay f
Sherborne, UK114 kontribusi
Fantastic girls tennis trip
Sep 2018 • Teman
Felix junior, Felix senior and Arnau were fantastic coaches. We’ve gone back for the fourth time - 12 girls. They help arrange the whole trip and then coach us for 4 hours a day. Highly recommended !
Ditulis pada 16 September 2018
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Michael S
Brussels, Belgia3 kontribusi
Good lessons but charged wrongly
Jul 2017 • Sendiri
Whilst the lessons were good, I was quite disappointed to be charged twice (once online and once in person). To keep it simple I paid double then showed the bank statement later. They acknowledge my over-payment but I have been chasing for 6 months to get my money back with no luck.
Ditulis pada 28 Desember 2017
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Hello Michael, I know you already got the refund. Sorry for the delay on the payment. You know there were some bank issues in the middle as well. Anyways sorry for the inconvenience and I hope everything is good now.
Ditulis pada 6 Februari 2018
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Ian S
1 kontribusi
great coaching
Okt 2017 • Pasangan
we had a long weekend at the tennis resort and stayed at the spa hotel. great tuition, fantastic spa, hotel very quiet (apart from a few noisy wedding guests) and great restaurant attached to the hotel
Ditulis pada 10 Oktober 2017
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gay f
Sherborne, UK114 kontribusi
Fantastic tennis trip. Good venue and tennis coaches
Sep 2017 • Teman
This is our third trip to stay at Hotel Massola for a girls tennis trip. Felix arranges everything at the hotel and for the trips out in the evening etc. He negotiates a great deal with the hotel for half board, and the coaching is excellent with Felix's father Felix, and Edgar.

Highly recommend to all!
Ditulis pada 17 September 2017
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London, UK1 kontribusi
Good experience for my two sons
Jul 2016 • Keluarga
My two sons that are 10 and 14 years old spent two weeks at the summer camp and they really enjoyed it. They liked the morning practice working on their weaknesses and in the afternoon playing mathes with other kids. They stayed at the house with all the other kids and they had fun there as well. My husband and I stayed at the hotel right by the courts and would go to the beach, Girona, Barcelona, and sightseeing the area which is beautiful. We played tennis some days as well.
Ditulis pada 27 Oktober 2016
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Swiss2 kontribusi
Tennis Camp
Agt 2016 • Sendiri
I really recommend CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort for everybody who wants practice on intensive level and increase tennis skills quickly. Friendly atmosphere, professional coaches and beautiful resort make you holiday really unforgettable. I visit CTR almost twice yearly and I am coming back asap. Thank you very much
Ditulis pada 1 September 2016
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London, UK19 kontribusi
In the nicest possible way - leave July for the Spanish kids.
Agt 2016 • Keluarga
First of all the facilities are great, and Felix Riba Jr (and Senior), his mum Karmen, and the whole team are fantastic.

Second - yes, the food could be better, but to be fair, there was always enough, it was healthy, well cooked, even if it was basic.

Third - I pretty much agree with the other English reviews. If your child is in need of development, make sure you advise Felix Riba (who has to be one of the loveliest and kindest coaches in the tennis world), what you need - AND - leave July well alone. That is when it is ram packed with Spanish children.

And before I get accused of something untoward here - I have absolutely nothing against the Spanish kids. In fact their level of tennis is mostly a lot higher than that of English kids. It is just that if you go in August, the academy is quieter, and therefore your son or daughter is more likely to get more concentrated tuition.

All that said, my son got the best of both worlds. He did two weeks in July. Then he could work on his skills a little in the morning and then play Spanish children in the afternoon, which is an experience not to be sniffed at. He then went back a few weeks later in August, and enjoyed making friends more (as there were more English speaking children), and more concentrated tuition, owing to the smaller numbers of kids.

All in all, of course things can be done better - I would personally like to see fitness training in the day as well - but the resort offers a very stimulating and unique experience for your budding future Wimbledon star (or club champion).
Ditulis pada 28 Agustus 2016
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Muscat, Oman5 kontribusi
Great or OK.....depending on.....
Jul 2016 • Keluarga
This is going to be a complex review, but I feel honesty and accuracy are important for all concerned. CTR is "great" or "OK" depending on a few factors. Let me first set the scene: I was there for 4 weeks with my 7yr old daughter (who turned 8 there) and my 11yr old son. Tennis is a passion for my daughter. My son views tennis as his nr2 sport, after golf. We alternated each day between the tennis camp at CTR and golf camp/training 15 minutes away. Every afternoon, though, my kids were at the tennis for 2 hours (as the golf training days ended by 4pm). We were staying at the Mas Sola hotel, which is contiguous to the tennis academy. Let me first speak about what is great. The people owning/running the place and the coaches were wonderful. Felix Riba Jr, who runs it, is helped by his charming mother Karma. One of the co-owners, Oriol Vega, was around the first week, and he was also very helpful. The coaches we encountered, particularly Edmond, were very good. I had to rush my son to hospital one evening, and Edmond kept in touch through the the 6 hour ordeal, always offering his help. CTR has great facilities: 8 clay courts, 4 hard courts and 2 artificial grass courts. Being part of the Mas Sola complex makes the logistics for a family stay work very well. The bad is the lunch for the kids - my kids, and others I spoke to, did not like the food at all. The quality and variety of the lunch needs to be much improved. The complex parts are when one is there and the tennis level of one's kids. In 2 out of the 4 weeks there were over 50 kids, with 4-5 coaches. This was simply too many kids for each coach. It is very difficult with such numbers to really coach individuals, pick out their areas of improvement, and work on them. I was lucky with my girl, as she was basically the youngest and didn't fit in to the 3-4 other levels of the other kids, she was sort of looked after separately and had a lot of (almost) 1-on-1 training. As she is so focused and so interested in tennis, this worked great for her. My son, however, was in no-man's land, and he did not have any attention the first 2 weeks, plus he was better than the beginners, but not as good as the intermediates. He really needed some good intensive coaching the first couple of weeks, but it was not forthcoming, as there simply were too many kids. He was then comparing this to the incredible almost personal golf coaching he was receiving, so I had a tough time keeping him energised at CTR. The final 2 weeks were better, as there were about 30 students. However, the final week had only 3 coaches (not including some visiting Chinese coaches, who could not communicate properly in English). What the training finally did do for my son was give him more confidence, as the afternoon sessions are all about matches between players. By the end of the 4 weeks, he was confident enough to play (and occasionally win) against older kids. Plus, with kids from many different countries, it really helps build social confidence. Our kids were not staying with the others in the camp, but from I heard chatting to other kids, they enjoyed the camaraderie and the atmosphere of living together. Overall, between the golf and the tennis, it worked very well for us, so my kids want to go back next year. This is certainly a sign of success. However, if one is going only for the tennis, one needs to look carefully when (July is too full - August is much better), and one should have an open dialogue with Felix prior to arranging this to ensure the expectations of parents and kids are made clear. This will avoid any disappointments. We stayed at Mas Sola, which is a lovely hotel, with an exceptional restaurant that serves terrific Spanish food and wine. The area is beautiful, and there are lots of activities in the surrounding forests and villages/towns: hiking, cycling, beaches, historic monuments, etc. I am sure that each year Felix and Co will improve the process and make this a great place for all levels of tennis students at any time of the year. Schedule allowing, we will go back next year.
Ditulis pada 7 Agustus 2016
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sveti d
Split, Kroasia63 kontribusi
Very good but.....
Jun 2016 • Keluarga
We spend there three weeks - our ten years old boy being in tennis program all the time...and honestly speaking -he adored it ,he was the one making us stay one week longer cause initial plan was two weeks...it is great for the kids - outdoor activity whole day , possibility to learn Spanish and make new friends from all over the world..I would say that for tennis itself - if you are coming only on basis to improve certain skills of your kid - it can be better..this camp will make them love the game but if they are already on certain level I do not see them making large progress with this kind of work...it is not individually based , there are not enough coaches so in busy week you may have up to 7-10 kids with one coach et cetera...so if you know what do you want and if falling in love with tennis is your thing -this is place for you...if you want to improve your kids footwork or volleying or something in particular than you would have to be very specific about that with available coach and lucky enough that there is not 10 more kids with specific needs cause not all of them will be served...another thing - mid day meal what kids have all together is poor...plain rice,sad pizza etc...really not good enough...our boy was sleeping with us in mas sola hotel so I can not comment situation in available camp where kids can be separated from parents and on their own...
Ditulis pada 14 Juli 2016
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Tanay J
2 kontribusi
the visit was splendid. The day was filled with excitement and joy!!!!
Jun 2016 • Teman
different facilities such as padel, football, ping pong and tennis on both clay and hard court. Training is very good and you focus on aspects that you believe you need to improve on.
Ditulis pada 26 Juni 2016
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