Tempat pemandian air panas Suisyun

Tempat pemandian air panas Suisyun ulasan, Neyagawa

Tempat pemandian air panas Suisyun

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Nari Sasaki
27 kontribusi
Mar 2017 • Teman
Onsen means hot spring in Japan. There is usually rural area, but here is Osaka. Not so much Onsen is here. However here is a best Onsen in Osaka.
Ditulis pada 4 Maret 2017
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Mark A
Perth, Australia2.744 kontribusi
Agt 2016 • Teman
The place was packed due to school holidays and it’s a great way to spend the day without costing too much if you have a family. I had my usual massage and to me the masseuse is getting better each time I visit, the entire place is extraordinary with the Gambanyoku upstairs and the onsens downstairs, there’s so much relaxation that can be enjoyed and if you’re hungry then there’s even a restaurant. I love coming here and wait all year for my holidays to get on a plane to Japan and visit this wonderful place. As I’ve said before when you walk out of here you feel totally relaxed, stress free and feeling like a million dollars.
Ditulis pada 16 Agustus 2016
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Mark A
Perth, Australia2.744 kontribusi
Mei 2015 • Teman
Gambanyo-ku, now this is my favorite place in all of Japan, I day dream of this place when I return home, it’s the ultimate form of relaxation I have ever come across. Start with a free shuttle bus from Korien Station in Neyagawa, when you arrive there’s a little locker that you put your footwear into- it costs 100 yen which you get back when you put the key into the locker, you then proceed to the check in counter where you can buy whatever service you require, you’ll get a bag which will contain a large towel and a pair of shorts and a top to wear in the gambanyo-ku. There’s just the public baths- male female separated or the gambanyo-ku which entitles you to enjoy the facilities upstairs.
I always go the whole hog and do the gambanyo-ku, you go into the change rooms where lockers are provided free, get undressed and go into the baths area, before using the baths you must shower, there are little stools that you sit on and shower with shampoo, conditioner and body soap provided, after which you can use any baths. There are 12 in total all have different temperatures, there’s a sauna which has a constant temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and also a steam room. In the steam room there’s a big barrel of coarse salt that you rub onto your body to exfoliate, works well.
If you go upstairs you’ll find electric massage chairs, electric foot massagers, lounge areas, even a sun deck and then there’s 5 gambanyo-ku rooms. The idea is that you go into the rooms and lay the towel on the floor and lay down to relax-falling asleep is good. The rooms are set to different temperatures, 4 of which will vary between 40 & 50 degrees Celsius, the 5th room will be about 7 degrees, one of the rooms is for women only, one room is a quiet room and the other two have televisions in them. The idea is to relax in one of the heated rooms for about 15 minutes and then cool off in the cold room. After a day of this I can feel all the stress and tension gone from my body and I feel so very clean.
Ditulis pada 16 Mei 2015
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