Yellow River Palace

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia19.478 kontribusi
Worth the time spent !!!
Sep 2019
Our itinerary shows Yellow River Palace and I thought it should be Royal Palace but to our surprise , we came to a blue arch entrance , our guide told us we need to walk down to a ghostly underground museum. She said we might need torch light as it is dim, but as we walk in, this museum is well lit by all its exhibits lights.

The Museum interior design is unique and it contains lots of information & exhibits relating archaeological discoveries around the Yellow River area, ecological protection on its mineral & rocks, flow from Yellow River to the nine provinces, the cultural origin, the advancement of human civilization and development.

Outside the Museum , there is a cafe for some food and drink. A big water droplet symbol prominently standing tall behind the Museum. We walked to take a look.
It is the Yellow River Palace cultural theme park overlooking the Yellow River. It is under maintenance, as it is now not the season for visitors.

I was told this Yellow River Palace theme park has another name , it is “a drop of water”. A significant and interesting visit to understand further the Yellow River & its origin, worth the time spent !!!
Ditulis pada 30 Oktober 2019
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