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Expedia.com Embraces New Web Marketing Technology
March 4, 2002


"TripAdvisor has signed Expedia.com as a new key customer. Expedia.com is using TripAdvisor's InventoryLink technology to optimize the online marketing of its product inventories.

Built to address the well-publicized shortcomings of traditional impressions-based banner advertising, TripAdvisor's InventoryLink consistently delivers average click-through rates for travel products of more than 10% - a 40X improvement in response rates versus traditional banner advertising.

TripAdvisor's performance-based marketing model delivers numerous benefits to travel advertisers over other traditional advertising technologies. Unlike banner ads where marketers pay upfront for impressions and hope to obtain leads, with TripAdvisor's Cost Per Click (CPC) model, marketers only pay for the leads they actually get. These leads are travel consumers ready to buy, highly qualified by product, price and geography."