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Pia Schratzenstaller


Best of the Web 2003 Travel Guide
Forbes.com - March 2003


"Need a recommendation on where to stay in Barcelona? You might like the Hotel Arts, according to this site which is jam-packed with useful hotel information, from guidebook and guest reviews to travel articles to booking links. Handiest of all is its hotel Popularity Index. By compiling feedback from recent guest reviews, TripAdvisor ranks over 90,000 hotels by popularity. For example, a search of San Diego yields 254 lodging options. They're automatically ranked according to their highest ratings. (The Pacific Terrace Inn--'classy without being snobby,' said one review--recently topped the list.) The Smart Deals tool automatically combs Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity for hotel deals in your destination, highlighting the best room rates. Plentiful links to discount hotels, travel packages and weekend jaunts."