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TripAdvisor snuggles up to Facebook friends
June 14, 2010

US website TripAdvisor, the world's busiest travel site, on Monday launched a new Facebook service offering users travel tips direct from their friends.

"We revolutionised travel planning 10 years ago when we created the site, the next major leap forward is to get advice from your friends," Steve Kaufer, the founder and head of TripAdvisor, told AFP.

Set up in 2000, the website broke free of the old-style world of the travel guide and travel agent with user-generated tips on airlines, hotels and restaurants, a move which Kaufer said "pioneered travel advice.

Its new service, TripAdvisor Trip Friends, takes the website a step further.

"After offering the wisdom of the crowds, TripAdvisor Trip Friends will offer the wisdom of friends," Kaufer said.

"It's like asking a friend for a plumber," he said.